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May 2014
One cannot see with a clouded mind, Doors that were open close.
Head is clouded full of tears.
The world stopped revolving the blackness sets in.
My demons call unto me they crawl through the cracks.
I walk alone below after all awake and aware, through the clouds lamenting the loss of my way.
I know things have changed I'm not the same, I'm not who i used to be.
My thoughts are clouded destroying everything i ever was.
An endless heavy pounding beats upon weary brain, Things do not make sense.
I feel my heart grow ever sour nearing the end of the road.
I pray in time the dark skies will yield to hope that will prevail, And light will clear my clouded mind.
Above the clouds the sun shines brightly,and will be more than a memory to a clouded mind.
Written by
Kelly O'hara  Scarborough
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