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Kelly O'hara Jan 2015
Am i wrong to feel the way i feel?,
My pain is forever revolving like a spinning wheel.
Fear and pain are not just daggers in my heart,
My soul is broken into pieces will it ever become whole?.
Broken dreams and broken promises shatter like glass,
Will i be forever wrong in chasing my past?,
I want to shine bright,
I want to hear the whispers of my soul,
No endless days of struggle do i want.
Peace be needed to ease my mind,
I don't want to be wrong inside my mind.
Peace ... Be Still.. What do I Do too Ease my mind?....Shine Bright the whispers of my soul the Struggles i overcome!!
Written 30th Dec 2014.
Kelly O'hara Dec 2014
He will bring you to your knees,
He will **** your memories.
Watch out for rivers of blood,
You'll wish you never met the memory killer.
Invisable predator, Odd behaviour,
It's only a matter of time.
Watch your back he might attack,
And steal your memories.
Questions sparked, memories are killed and broken,
Left exposed for the world to view.
My memory fades as death brings to light a new creature,
Feared by the world loved by the media.
Memories always cut the skin so deep,
I have nothing left anymore,
No memories all taken by the memory killer.

Written by Kelly O'Hara 20th Sept 2014
Kelly O'hara Dec 2014
You wake up filled with dread,
There seems no reason for it.
It's something unseen,
It's the beast within, the unseen force.
It eats away at you, at your core.
The silence greets you like a brick wall,
Questions remain unanswered.
The air hangs heavy with a pregnant pause,
The shadows hold their breath.
The flame of a past life burns,
The dark creeps into the space left behind,
A key is left to a vault once locked,
Will the key be found?.

Written 22nd July 2014. By Kelly O'Hara
Kelly O'hara Nov 2014
Thoughts will churn round and round,
Some of them will hit the ground,
The thoughts cause the heart to ache,
Wondering when will i get a break?.
Days of endless struggle are these,
More hopeful pills today,
Trying to appear normal,
In some sort of way.
It seems the struggle is always here with me,
I know there's been many who've had it worse,
People say i have alot going for me,
I'm sorry but i just can't see,
Because my worst enemy is inside of me.
Wishing to be enthusiastic,
Instead of feeling like I'm made of lead.
Wanting to be excited,
Wanting to care more,
Sometimes my emotions are through the floor.
Cluttered mind, cluttered thinking,
It's hard to focus and not worry too much.
I feel that everyone is better than me,
And that i can't do anything right,
This is how i've felt all my life.
This just didn't happen over night.
No confidence in myself to speak my mind,
Any of these problems would be a vice,
But having this monster inside me how do i fight?.

Written 15th Nov 2014 By Kelly O'Hara
Kelly O'hara Sep 2014
Feel the wolf inside the spirit alive.
Feel your senses heighten.
The thrill of the hunt, the claws dig into the ground.
Silent shadows move in the darkest night,
Running in the distance far,
Underneath the moon and stars.
The wolf is like no other,
Red in tooth and claw like natures maw.
Growling, snarling, biting, bleeding, the fight must go on.
Wolf withstanding man's hate,
Wild, fierce and free.
The wolf has sung it's song,
It will be tamed by no one.

Written 18th September 2014 By Kelly O'Hara
Kelly O'hara Sep 2014
Life is but weaving,
I cannot choose the colors,
The threads are woven steadily.
Every memory every experience,
Is a thread woven and embroidered in the tapestry of our life.
The tapestry of life continues to be woven,
The light blends magically with the dark.
Threads so delicate so fragile we all need to take care.
But any thread that is broken can most times be repaired.

Written 15th September 2014 By Kelly O'Hara
Kelly O'hara Sep 2014
Wave after wave,
I'm slowly drifting drowning in my emotions,
Weight of the world on my shoulders.
Wave after wave rolls me over hard,
I'm fighting to stay alive.
My soul has been sent out to sea,
Drifting afar distantly.
These crashing violent riptides,
Will soon turn a peaceful wave.
The ocean of emotion sometimes set us adrift.
The returning tides will bring us back into the heart of another,
A path that leads to the end of all things,

Written 14th September 2014 By Kelly O'Hara
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