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Apr 2014
I feel like I have to force you to be my friend. You only talk to me when there is no one else around to talk to you. Every once in a while you tell me I'm you "best friend," and that you loveΒ Β me and love how I've stuck around when "no one else was there." Exactly. I have been here for you through everything. You should treat me like I actually mean something to you. I know it's hard for you to open up to people at first, but you have been in my life for a year now, and that is long enough for me to find out all your weird traits and childhood stories. So don't you dare say I make you "anxious," because we all know that's not the case. You're so fake. You led me on to believe you loved me for 9 months, then decided you were straight and never liked me, only to find out you were dating my first love. Why I'm still you're friend? Honestly I have no idea. Maybe because I was genuinely happy for those 9 months, and I fell in love. And I know it's hard to pretend you don't have a crush on someone, but when you're in love with someone who is supposed to be you're best friend.. that's impossible. I'm done.
Jenna Moulton
Written by
Jenna Moulton
   RW Dennen and Paula Lee
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