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Apr 2014
This is a white room
with tiny pencil drawings marching
around the walls in childish lines, telling
so many stories. Try
though I may, one thousand of my words
is worth less than one
of these drawings, and so
I think this space
is a place that needs
to be kept safe
inside your heart.
Auschwitz, Poland
Monday, March 25, 2014

Here ends my collection, Poems from Poland, written over an eight day trip through some of Poland's death camps, concentration camps, synagogues, and the like. Thank you so very much to every single person that took the time to read, like, comment, share, or add to one of your collections. It means so much to me.
I hope you enjoyed reading them, or if 'enjoyed' isn't quite the right word, that they made you think or maybe feel.
Thank you,
Rachelle Aviv
Written by
   --- and Theia Gwen
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