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Apr 2014
The first time I saw them,
She was drunk off of apple *****,
Giggling hysterically in my face.
Her breath smelled like candied puke.

“They’re stylish.”  She laughed
When I pointed them out.
“They’re the bling I can’t afford to buy.”

“Why?”  I asked, running a finger
Over the ridges of skin.
“Because I’m broke, silly.”
She tittered, rocking back and forth.

I bit my lip, wondering about the
Friendship bracelet I’d given her
A year ago.
“Didn’t Nate give you a necklace for
Your birthday?” I whispered.  
She made a face.
“I don’t want to die, Sam.”

I blinked in confusion.
“Why would you die?” I said.
She threw up on my sofa.
I didn’t bother asking again.
Written by
phi  18/Non-binary
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