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Mar 2014
Sitting in your chair by fire's light reading poems you wrote.
Your words sparked memories of unforgettable shared times.
I was taken back to the night you sat near the warm hearth...
in diaphanous gown.....writing on delicate parchment paper.

My mind captured that lovely vision of you lit by fire's light.
I was always envious of that secret journal you were keeping.
I wanted to violate your privacy & read your secret thoughts.
Never did & never would....I have your journal in safe place.

Found humor in your poem.....wasn't intended to be flippant.
I found the sheer genius of your words my gorgeous love.
Your words never fail to weave amazingly crafted.....
heart felt & thought provoking stanza in the key of life.

I love you Pet & I'm deeply flattered you wrote a poem to me Betty Ponder
Swain Alexander
Written by
Swain Alexander
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