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Feb 2014
You were nothing but the dust floating through the sunlight in my basement but god, I couldn't stop staring.
You were nothing but avalanches sweeping trees in and breaking every limb with the rumble of your voice but god, I could never stop listening.
You were nothing but lovers among drive-in movies and trembling hands, but god, you were chilling.
Can you imagine if my father found out about the way you looked at me at 10:29 when we were running late, with your hand up my thigh. Picture the disapproval in your mother's eyes if she saw the scratches across your shoulder blades.
Tell her I was only trying to find your wings, tell her I was scratching the places where your wings fell off when an Angel like you, fell for someone as ****** as me.
Tell her you love me, I want to hear her scream at the thought of your corruption.
She knew better than to let her sweet angel to fall for a shadow with green eyes and a way of laughing that sent shivers up your spine.
Kiss her for me.
Heaven Dawn
Written by
Heaven Dawn
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