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Feb 2014
i kind of miss those late nights
when we'd stay up talking
even when we couldn’t keep our droopy eyes from closing.
i stayed up because i wanted to.
i stayed up because talking to you
was one of the few things that kept me happy.
you kept me happy.
i don’t know what i did to myself by leaving you.
i miss every little thing.
from the cuddles, the hugs, the kisses, and the laughs.
to the nights where i'd want you next to me
with a cup of tea
and a selection of poems.
you smile.
but i don’t know what i want anymore.
it’s kind of hard, actually.
making a decision.
do i really want this?
or am i just falling in love with being in love
because i don't know
if i want to go through everything
and again
just to get hurt
once more.
Written by
   Kaitlyn Marie
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