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Feb 2014
I am the original renegade,
was crazy before I was born.
I never play the status quo game,
it was I who invented
the tune of a different drummer,
even the Marlboro Man
took cues from me.

There's no reason for me
to write with any encryption,
'cause I have no superstitions,
I just wanna tell it,
give to you straight,
harden your resolve.

Some might call that ego,
but whenever I've fallen,
I've gotten back up.
Once I ran with the bulls
& they have bigger ***** than me,
I won the race.

Like you 'lil darling,
I'm the dangerous type,
you can ask Cleo,
she sings the words.
Jonny Angel
Written by
Jonny Angel  GRB090423
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