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Feb 2014
I met you as Spring
Lingered around the corner
Petals changed color
Turning earthly tones to beautiful
Vibrant shades
Trees rejuvenated,
And I watched as they
Resurrected themselves
While you resurrected me

I loved you
Through Summer
When the days under the sun
Seemed prolonged and
The nights could be compared to
Snow white's 7 friends
We walked under the
Blooming blue skies
With tiny crystal stars
Littering the skies
And became nocturnal angels

Found me in Autumn
When you broke me
And buried me under
A thick foliage of tired leaves
Just as they fell in agony from where
They thought they belonged
The night sky turned grey,
The possibility of
Summer returning declined,
As Winter starts to mark her territory

Winter enveloped me in her arms
And colored my bones
All I thought of was
How you and Autumn betrayed me
purple orchid
Written by
purple orchid  South Africa
(South Africa)   
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