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Feb 2014
What to do, what to
Do when a young boy dies?

Tell everyone you loved him,
Draw up meaningless old memories,
Stretch him between your fingers like
Cobwebs and old chewing gum?
He was your ping-pong partner,
Sat in front of you in Algebra,
Rode your bus?
He lived four houses down the road,
Wore the same jeans,
Walked the same halls?
Or was he your best friend?

I didn’t know the dead boy.
I know a living one who did.
One who went on church missions
Went to parties;
Smoked with him,
Set up dates for him,
Now there is so much
I have to say,
But I won’t say it;
I will make things worse,
I will lose it, break down the walls,
I will fall into him again
Out of sorrow.

All the way home I bang the steering wheel
And shout obscenities at the empty
Windshield, frost-fingered,

I am so sorry.
for Christian
Claire G
Written by
Claire G
     ---, ---, Ellie Stelter, AJ and Emily
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