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Jan 2014
Tell me it’s all a lie I want you to
I want you to look me directly in the eyes
"We all know you’re lying for attention"

my entire life has been a planned story
chapter one: birth
a baby girl is born
a father is angry
a mother is in tears

my entire life has been their planned story
chapter two: childhood
a baby girl grows up
a father is unhappy and angry
a mother is upset and ashamed

my entire life was their vision
chapter three:bruises
an 8 year old girl is crying
a father is in an uncontrollable rage
a mother is encouraging pain

my entire life was forgotten
chapter four:drugs
a 10 year old girl is shaking
a father is strung out and screaming
a mother has overdosed

16 years? 16 whole years
chapter five: the present
a 16 year old boy is in fear
a father holds back nothing anymore
a mother is too strung out too care

I want you to think I lie
I want you to think it’s not possible
I want you to think it couldn’t happen to me

I want you to because I want to *believe it
Written by
andrew  Pennsylvania
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