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Adam Schwab Aug 2015
Every inch apart from you
Pulls apart my seams
Babe, don't think I wanted to
It's far from in my means

It feels as if the world collapsed
A thousand pounds upon my chest
But some how I still feel relaxed
My heart knows your the best

With every day that passes by
I know I'll have to wait
So I'll just sit, and think, and sigh
This heartache I can take

I envision you there across from me
As I eat my morning scrambies
Hair up in a braid, and a dog upon your knee
Your eyes as big *** Bambi's
Your smile could level me

So for now I will just dream
Of the day I'll see my angel
Impossible for my heart to wean
It's simply unattainable

And I know you don't think I cry
But it keeps me wide awake
So I'll just lay, and think, and sigh
About this heartache I can take
Adam Schwab Feb 2014
Can't believe we have been together this long
We met in the summer and we would bike
And in the spring we would hike
The winter we would sled
And when it got to cold
We just layed in bed

When I brought you the cat
That was my first step
In dedicating myself to you
Bonded by a cat

Throwing freesbie  in the park
Giving kisses in the car
Making love in the dark

Making long trips
Holding our hands
Rubbing our lips
Being women and man

I feel like I been with you for so short
But it's been so long for me
I can see us in part
You and me
Starting a family In the larks

Thanking everything we have together
I love you forever
Adam Schwab Jan 2014
The screen door is screaming,
From the wind that is blowing

My head is spinning
My fear is surly showing

I knew it would come
The day that I left

Every memory we had
Pressing down on my chest

It makes you feel sad
And it makes you feel hurt

The one that you loved
Pushed you in the dirt

But I have to be strong and I have to be smart
If I make the wrong move
Theirs no clicking restart

And I can't escape from the feelings I had
And that I still have
Because I loved you

But now I feel un easy
My gut gets real queazy and my head starts to hurt
And regret is a big one
Makes me feel like a ****

Look at us now,
Were both in the dirt
Adam Schwab Jan 2014
Listen up all you girls and boys

Oh and men with gloves and handguns as their toys

You better run for the hills before the night falls, it will burn you

And as the sun rise peeks above the shore you will hear me

Echoing the words that I said as my soul left it's body

"Times will turn
From how they
And we will learn
To be anything but par"

"But if you don't try
And I you don't see
It will be a goodbye
Just the same as me"


Listen up all you girls and boys
Oh and men with gloves and handguns as their toys
You better run for the hills before the night falls ,cause it will burn you

And as the sunrise peeks above the shore You will hear me
And repeating

Or at least I hope you will
Or at least I hope you will
Adam Schwab Dec 2013
With a flick of the wrist
And a tug on my sleeve
I pull back my fist
And my lungs start to heeve.

The way that you talk
With the way that you get
The stride of your walk
How you wiggle your hips

It's makes me feel warm
Like a fire in June
But not a good kind of warm
Suffocating in a tomb

When I see you I tense
Every muscle so tight
And every day since
I'll be up for the fight

I will not fall back into the hole that I dug
Cause I'm better than you
You slimmy old slug

So think twice before you spit on me
Cause I got the salt
Just think how easy it would be

To upend my bottle and end you
Your fault
Because a slug seems to shrivel with salt
Adam Schwab Dec 2013
I was 16 going on seventeen
Wanting more than I could have
Dreaming of places I never seen
But being held back from my dad

So I would sneek out with no shoes on my feet
Just makin sure that the floor wouldn't creek

He would always ask where I had went
How much gas was burnt , how much money was spent

Mother would cry and my father would glare
But my two older brothers never seemed to care

So I'm leaving this life , if you want to call it that

And I'm hoping one day when my words hit the air
That I'll make a good living, And won't loose all My hair

And I wish that my choice is the right one to make
So show me the way. Cause it's never to late

And those dreams that I had when I was young
Always Seemed to sleep right off my tongue

But I have forgotten them
But they have not forgot me

So give me more time
Just wait and see
Adam Schwab Sep 2013
Way on back in 19,4,0
A dancin machine named tommy galico

He twisted his hips and pointed his toes to each beat that was dropped
And thrusted his harms to women to each note the drum bopped

So smoothly he fuzzed moves
Made women go confused
A wicked slick dude
Think he made the word groove

His fashion was obscure
With his shirt to his knees
His hat made of fur

Sweat all night
And cleared the dance floor
Making guys jelous right out through door

Stealing their date
And all their kisses too
A highly set pace
He would hop till his face turned blue

And still to this day when my grandparents speak of this man
With textbook moves
And Italian tan

The last to stay
They would always say
He was the last to go
That dancin machine, named *Tommy Galico
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