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Jan 2014
Have you ever felt like the world is against you?
And no matter how determined you are and
How much you persevere, you find it to be true.
They say twice as much isn't twice as good
And quantity is always going to be inferior to quality
But you people aren't even beginning to see.
You aren't seeing how twisted this world is becoming.
You couldn't care any less than you do right now.
Just humming, doing what you do, walking around.
And the sound of bitter lies seep through the mouths of these beings.
They supposedly call themselves righteous and full of wisdom.
But the world is yet to see your true colors.

The pattern is continuous and so repetitive.
It's a cycle, a sequence, a pattern.
They all know what's right yet they wander down the path of darkness
Following the dark one to his tavern
Who am I? I'm not that different except in one way.
Realization can take its toll on someone.
It's the point when you decide if you want to leave or you'd rather stay.

Have you ever felt like you can defy gravity?
Have you ever felt so invincible that no one could possibly ever touch you?
I have and that's the feeling that causes you to fall back really hard,
For it lasts for only a moment, a moment of power. And that's nothing new to you.
Look around and you shall see all the failures and successes of them.
Look at yourself and see how much more unique you are.
Refuse to let them utter complete nonsense in your ears.
Someone will come along and prove them wrong and make you their star.
The star of the universe, of his universe. And you shall see…
That's the only place you'd rather be.
But until then, do not close doors just because you are afraid
Open them and embrace the world as if it were your last day living.
Do it for yourself because all the while you could have left, but instead, you stayed.
Written by
Reneeza  New York, U.S.
(New York, U.S.)   
   Kenneth Koch and Maman Screams
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