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Maman Screams Apr 2016
When my time is up,
forgive me from such a failure i am,
You earn them all
You sure the most deserving pretty,
Im ignorant and stubborn to keep repeatedly breaking you into fragiles bits
Never actually wanted to wait
Nor listen before the piston blew it
So tell me am I human or are this missing pieces
Trapped in another men's hopes and dreams 
Are we simply made of rainbows and sweets
But ome thing for sure,
They're both are temporary
This words won't deceive me
But the other one will leave us a mark
As for the entire time  
Well spent assuming.

Maman Screams

Copyright 2016
Maman Screams Mar 2016
You never actually listen about what i have to say
Have i ever not listen to every single you left words unsaid?
Am I not being strong for us when im still seen not here but as if complaining about what my heart tears
Do you fail to realise that you were the one trying to push me away
When I was just there trying not to interfere
Why do you always say that because due to my feelings feel make me have change
When i was still the same person since the begining and never once you heard my heart whistling
So why do you say all this or is this due to what your heart actually fears
For all this while i've been kissing your forehead at nights and that didnt bothered at first
Then you kept telling me not to have feelings towards you
When actualy the truth
i've never ever ever i remember saying i love you
Its always every time we fight that I let out my feelings that you took in as excuses
Dont you see all this while ive never complained about you
Doesn't that show I praised god that he picks me to have someone as perfect as you
Could this be my very last fate written by you
For my feelings will never speak to you
If my apologies you still refuse
For Im sorry I wont speak
I love you
I forgived by you

Maman Screams
Copyright 2016
28 march 2016
Maman Screams Nov 2015
Running away seem so inevitably
The same old drive by and exits
Its sad to see you're remaking history
Tripping by fears and of misfits

Im sorry,
no longer can i take you for a ride.
As the path I'm heading spares no retreat
Im living to breathe on my selfless pride
As this life isnt always helloween,
We can't be knocking doors asking for
Trick or treat
Goodbye my dear love. Only can i pray the best and only the best for you. If god permits us together then We'll surely be together at the end of our journeys
Maman Screams Jul 2015
Playing a game that fits for two,
I'll pick a card & you'll make your move.
Loving you couldn't be set by rules,
It wasn't a game when I said I love you.

©2013 Maman Screams

Repost from my old collections
Really love this short piece
Maman Screams Sep 2014
Months have I waited
For a particular celebration
Not of getting drunk nor even wasted
Just a quiet simple sweet vacation
Need not have to go far
It could just end up to be here
We could get in a car
Fully automated no gears
This life's is ours
Never was theirs
Now that then I know
Little could I ease my ears
To take a minute from my conscience
Allowing my minds to weight in options
A simple easy minor equations
Could be the one that set my final decision
Maman Screams Apr 2014
I've been away
Long enough to be misled
I went on a journey
Seems like the rest that I've dealt
But this is no diary
That I should've note down as I praised
Through my heart desires
Along with the scars that have stained
Picking up this pieces
Flashing with memories untamed
Did I do the right thing
Or am I self inflicting new pain
To my already wounded feelings
By my own selfish claims

@Maman Screams 2014
Maman Screams Apr 2014
If only life could be certain
With a drop of a poet's ink
A freedom of speech taints
As the piling papers sink
Nothing was written
No eyewitness sinned  
Seeing is believing
And so they preach
Puzzles made seems so easy
A minor once plea
How could they be so foolish
When they're set out to deal
With a thousand and one possibility
To this puzzle
That I'm currently in

@2014 Maman Screams
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