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Kenneth Koch Jan 2014
What sin have I made? What rule did I break?
Who did I cross? What have I ever done to anyone to deserve an upbringing?
Loneliness, mockery, embarrassment; all but a few companions of mine
Like the great and mighty oak, they only grew stronger with time

But regrets of this I have none
Just that I wish someone would have stayed
Someone would have realized that I am but just a human
I too need love, I too get lonely at times, I am but humane, am I just jaded?

But none stayed, none even tried
They all left and will continue to leave
I'll try to hold on but eventually they'll go
Eventually they'll all leave me alone

Was I this bad in my previous birth? Or was I just born with such luck?
I honestly don't care any more because I know my conviction today is definite
For the one who'll stay, the one I'll never let go of,
What have I not done right?
Kenneth Koch Jan 2014
Shall I compare thee to a summer's day
Whose incandescent smile sets my soul ablaze
Or shall I compare thee to a winter's storm
To whose frigid chills, brr-avely, I conform
But to compare thee to the machinations of this world
Would be recrudescent, like staining what is pure
Pure of greed, selfishness, and all that is absurd
Absurd is to compare anything to one as astounding as her

— The End —