Sep 2010

It seems that there was this Small Group of Men and Women with "VERY MUCH" Knowledge.  Many of their followers were of a Like Opinion,,that THEY YES,  had much Knowledge.   So,  as they Sat around one day,  Pondering ,  AS those with Great Knowledge would do:  They came up with the IDEA to make Man and Woman with a NEW type of Body!   "Where should we start First, they Queried?"   "maybe if we changed the Elbow,  BECAUSE people are Always Hitting their Funny-Bone!"   "Maybe if we changed the Big and Little Toes,  BECAUSE People are always Stubbing their Toes!"   "Maybe if we changed their Eyes,  BECAUSE People are always getting something in their eyes!"   "Maybe if we changed their Fingers,  BECAUSE  People are always Jamming their Fingers!"   "Maybe if we changed their Noses,  BECAUSE  People are Always stickin it where it shouldn't be!"   "Maybe if we changed their Knees,  BECAUSE  People are Always Weak in the Knees!"   "Maybe if we changed their Backs,  BECAUSE  People are always down in the Back!?   "Maybe if we changed their Hearts,  BECAUSE  People always have Broken Hearts!"   "Maybe if we changed their Ears,  BECAUSE  people are always not hearing!"   "Maybe if we changed their Tongues,  BECAUSE  people are always Wagging them!"   "Maybe if we changed   their feet,  BECAUSE  People  are always putting their Feet in their Mouths!"   "Maybe if we changed their Mouths,  BECAUSE   people are always Spouting off at the Mouth!"    "Maybe if we changed their Minds,  BECAUSE  People are always changing their Minds!"   "Maybe if we changed their Smell,  BECAUSE   People are always saying ,Something Doesn't smell right !"   "Maybe if we changed their NAMES,  BECAUSE  People are always trying to make a Name for Themselves!"  "Maybe if we changed Their stomaches,  BECAUSE  People are Always saying* They Just Can't Stomach That!"   "maybe if we changed their Hair,  BECAUSE  people are always Coloring or Losing it!"    "Maybe if we changed the way  they Walk,   BECAUSE  People are Always getting out of Line!"    "Maybe if we changed the way they speak,  BECAUSE  People are Always speaking Out of Turn!"   ,,,,,,,"MAYBE IF WE CHANGED",,,,,, SO, When the Itch in the middle of our Back really needs attention,,,, we Untie  our hands from our Sides!

Copyright @2010  barnoahMike,,  Mike Ham
Written by
   Neva Flores Varga
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