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tina kimi Oct 1
bearing my whole soul
to every person met
causes my soul to slowly fades

there nothing exciting and mysterious
left to offer but lies
tina kimi Sep 21
there is darkness and numbness
voids of nothingness and meaningless
purposes and hopes

if you are nothing but invisible
tina kimi Aug 4
I can not get over
your shy smile

way you look over

I am head over

falling for you
tina kimi Jul 13
if you are eighteen
it will wiser to wait
then fall in love

love will drag you
till you become bitter
a forgotten fruit
that has crumbled
and had to fall

live your life first
so regrets wont be
  Feb 5 tina kimi
Grace E
He’s so handsome it’s almost imposing
He is so good looking it’s a near act of violence
But I know, if I was blind and I could only hear him speak
His personality would have slim to no power over me
  Feb 5 tina kimi
She twirls twirls twirls along the piano edge and sings I’m a sinner sinner sinner Baby
Oh you all are mere beginners if you
stick to the words

And not even the
raw dark
ledge of the abyss could harm her
Show yourself.
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