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tina kimi Aug 16
your eyes are sending messages my heart cannot decode

if by chance my skin feels yours time may stood still

as i may want it to last forever
tina kimi Aug 15
when the head is holding the pen,
it is one road to all destination.

when the heart steps in, it is
many roads to one destination.
tina kimi Aug 12
if dreams are real
i will be able to built
a fortress for you, my children.

a place where freedom is vast
where our thoughts can roam
freely into colors

a  haven to make our own choices.
tina kimi Aug 8
Hapi Isles was what my country once called before the civil unrest.
Referred to as the most friendliest people in the south pacific.

we so are so friendly in fact that we told our western allies, never mind cleaning up your World II mess. Just leave the bombs, guns, machines and junks as a way of thank you for saving our lives. Right?

like our normal phrase "Set, Set,  Tagio Tumas"(all Good and Thank very Much)

80 year later here you are at my  shore remembering your loved ones who were lost 80 years ago. and i will continue to bury my people as times goes.

as we are living on a ticking Bomb, an uncertainty of when the Bombs will explode.
tina kimi May 18
i give and give
while you take with no end

i would not for an hour nor a minute
but for a second

would appreciate a thank you
for me to know my self worth
tina kimi Mar 7
i hate you
for not knowing
how i feel

i hate you
for seeing
you everyday

i hate you
for feeling'
this way

i hate you
for believing
that you feel
the same
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