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tina kimi Jun 2023
My vessel is old
yet my souls yearns
for childhood comforts
tangled in the past

I am tired and a step
further is just painful
memories a more fonder
then the future ahead
tina kimi May 2023
i am a child during family gatherings, i am the cup of tea. whispers are spoken but unheard only by me. nobody really really liked me cause i am too light skinned to belong. i grew up being a people pleaser, trying so hard to prove to the world that my birth meant something. that i matter, solving everyones problem but mine. in the end nobody cares, i have been manupilated, used and taken for granted. i just want to belong to anything and realized that an outkast will always be an outkast
tina kimi Jan 2023
locked so tight
keys thrown away

keeps you awake
afraid to talk in your sleep
tina kimi Jan 2023
Kind of funny
I never really
Really thought anything of you
But you grow on me
Your smell, look and touch lingers wherever I go
tina kimi Aug 2022
your eyes are sending messages my heart cannot decode

if by chance my skin feels yours time may stood still

as i may want it to last forever
tina kimi Aug 2022
when the head is holding the pen,
it is one road to all destination.

when the heart steps in, it is
many roads to one destination.
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