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tina kimi May 15
if I have the chance to write
a letter to my younger self
i know i have so much
to write, mistakes that I've made
and roads i should never have walked

but i will just leave this small note
"you will be just fine"
  May 14 tina kimi
I think the truth is,
we are all a little fraction of broken
in one way or another.
And there might be something significantly beautiful
in that unspoken darkness.
tina kimi May 13

can you hear the laughter's
can hear the waves greeting the shorelines
can hear children playing
can you hear the birds chirping
can you hear the wind whistling
can you hear me calling

hush and let go .....
tina kimi May 13
its getting dark
you  can feel the soft
evening wind bracing your
street lights turning on
your pace quickens
because you know
you are almost home
tina kimi May 12
anger has aged me
I need a new skin
so I am peeling off
these dry skins
caused by pain and
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