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barnoahMike Dec 2012
"Fashioned out of Bits and Pieces of Clay "~  Proclaimed the sign !    In fact,  the sign was surrounded with Neon lights and measured 35' by 80',  sitting so firmly supported above the entrance door to the Store of Stores~  named  ~  "STORE OF PLEASURES AND DELIGHT "   { Members~simply referred to this Giant as  " P L E A S U R E S " .      The Parking lot was full with 52,000  vehicles at 5;30AM~ and the store would open at 6;00 AM  'SHARP".     The people were already in line~ to select and choose the finest of what the store had to offer.  OH,,or even  "***"  the Pleasure  to be  had at "PLEASURES" !  !     Choice after choice of  Bits and Pieces of Clay'  Was what the Crowds were clamoring for~ in Their shopping Frenzy !   No where on Earth could such sweet Delicasies~ such as these could be found.   NO SIR~  when it came to the very best CHOICE  of items "Fashioned out of Bits and Pieces of Clay ",   ONE simply couldn't shop anywhere else~  ONLY~  at " P L E A S U R E S ".     Big,  Small,  Bright and Dull,   color after Color,   shape after Shape,   Long and Narrow,   Tall and Short,   Broad and Narrow~  Every possible  CONCOCTION   of Man's imagination~Was offered up for sale and consumption.    THAT... was  was the Speciality of      " P  L E A S U R E S "~  Whatever was presented from the Mind of Man~ WAS fashioned out of Bits and Pieces of clay at " P L E A S U R E S "~ From dreams and wild thinking  These were  the things offered up for  SALE ! !     From Weird to Plain,  From Gawdy to Drab,   from Elegant to Simple,  from  Bizarre to Mundane...   YES..  Man's Mind when allowed to "Roam-Free'~ would fill the shelves of each Aisle~ Freely Roam the store~ Click in your selection of  those Precious Items of " Bits and Pieces of Clay"~.   Click Approval and PAY...wave thanks to "P L E A S UR E S " as you Leave.   Your selections and an Attendant~ will be waiting at your vehicle~with "YOUR-SELECTION".     *PLEASE VISIT US AGAIN SOON.......for your choices of "BITS and PIECES OF CLAY...."
COPYRIGHT   @2012  by barnoahMike         Mike Ham
barnoahMike Oct 2012
How Brave you must be~the squaw exclaimed to the Chief.   " Why, I am more than a Brave", the Chieftain quipped.!   " Just look at my feathers and the scalps hanging by my side,    do they not tell of My many Deeds ?    Her reply was a simple ,,  "YES,  I can see how you have adorned yourself ! "   He retorted ~ " And you certainly can't miss all the colors by which I have claimed  MY-STATUS ! "     The Squaw responded~ "YES,  the HUES on you,  certainly   tell me who and what you are,  now that I look closely  ! "    And he added~ "Look at the careful way in which I have displayed my Collection of  SCALPS,  Spaced ever so carefully around my waistband !    She questioned further,  "Have you  ,Oh Mighty Chief,  Properly named each of the Scalps ,  SO YOU won't forget from whence they came ? ?     "OH,  My Goodness, YES,  he answered.   "I wouldn't  ever want to forget where they came from,  SO~I admire each and Call each of them, By Name~ Everyday.   "SURELY" She continued,  "YOU are  much more than any other  Chief,  and by the way , DO you use Windex or Glass-Plus  to clean your mirrors ? ?  "    HE exclaimed,  "I, really don't know what cleaning  agent my servant uses,  to clean my many mirrors !  BUT,  they certainly do shine,  when I look into them !      The SQUAW  queried~  " BUT  what about your shoes, moccasins , if you would,  WHAT~~ is that Green-Gooey Stuff all over them ? ?   HE-Commented~ " I guess that when I  take my mighty steps, toes and feet,  IN THE WAY,   Fall under the Prances that I make ! ! ? "    Then,She asked~ "Do you do your War'Dances often, or just as you are called on, by your mighty warriors ? "   AND,,this Brave-Chieftain  PROCLAIMED~  "WHY,  I"ll have you Know,   I do all of these Prances and Dances ~BY MY OWN CHOICE,  NO-ONE  tells me when or what to do.  Except my visits with the Prince of the Air !"   The Squaw thanked him~turned~then turned back~Asking " Measured by~ Scalps~Prances and Dances ? ?
copyright  @2012   barnoahMIKE      Mike Ham
barnoahMike Aug 2012
If bedbugs become  pets~ is there a possibility~someone is spending to much time in the sack~and not stepping out into what the Real World~ "Offers Up"~even tho the Bedbugs seem more friendly.....   If you Cry over White onions~why cry over the Red one ? ?      Turkeys Trot to a dance taught by man~Pretending to be foxes~always close  to the tail .    A Truly honest man~Would~Not be believed~if it weren't for the Falsehoods that Truly exist ! !   Staples when firmly pressed~Usually hold things together~SO_What makes these staples unworthy of being served up at dinner ?    Ever think about yard sticks? ~  and How Come your neighbors don't have any sticking up~   and your the only one that meets the measure. . .      POE only hinted at the torment of Modern  man~Stories in Stupors don't find the center of the heart~ Unless they are really experienced . .   It's sorta like being poured  into a Landfill~But like a Good Cork~You can't seem to sink all the way~Your head just bobbing above~and continually being that ready target~as additional waste'PILES AROUND ! !    It's like walking into a familiar room~But as you turn on the light switch~you discover~that you are now the "Stranger"~in a strange place. .     Life  is like a Trampoline~casting ones thoughts up and down for review~NOT considering that some may be actually measuring the values presented.  . *The *Broken heart of a man'who loves the woman who opened that door~ May Never be receptive to repair~NOT ENOUGH PARTS LEFT ! !    As the Lights "Come-On"~ it's like being at the Helm of the 'TITANIC" ~ assured that all others are off safely~AND~ the Shaking of Life Begins .......
copyright @ 2012 by barnoahMike        Mike Ham
Jul 2012 · 1.4k
* " DANGER-SIGNS " * ( #67 )
barnoahMike Jul 2012
The Surgeon with his highly trained skills~carefully prepares the area into which he will be Entering and Exiting.   He does not enter the freeway from the feeder street,  without first looking to check , to see if the way is clear or if there  may be an Oncoming Danger.     He does not go down the Dark Basement Stairs~without first turning on the light ~to make sure the steps are clear~ and exactly where he should place his very next step.   He does not stick his hand in the mouth of the Alligator~unless he knows the jaws are properly secured.          IF Man is so Aware of these Danger Signs~what is it that makes him so Unsure about tomorrow ?   And what is IT that makes another man~so sure about tomorrow ?   Which are the greater fears~the ones seen or the ones Unseen ?  Per chance the problem lies in the fact~ Man doesn't know for Sure~whom to ask !    Has mankind asked the wrong questions~ to the the wrong people ?   OR~does any other man~hold the correct  answers ?    Why is it~the salve rubbed on early in the morning~usually wears off by noon ?     Man has tried to make Erasers  for his fears~but as we scrub harder and harder with ~Man made Erasers~!    WE finally rub a Hole in the Paper !   So~what to do with the hole ? Start all over~on a new clean sheet~with even more erasers~as fears and errors~mount by the day.    As Man approaches his last sheet~erased and crumbled to the finest of powders .    Spelling out  ~ "WHO TO TURN TO " .
COPYRIGHT     @2012       barnoahMIKE       Mike  Ham
barnoahMike Jun 2012
Aware the day was approaching,   Little tugs reminding how Quickly time passes.   And the knocks on the doors of his heart,   opening ---One at a Time ! !   To reveal memories in Full Color of each eventful day,   Clearly showing "ALL  the Extra joys that encircled him,   but never took the opportunity to be a Full Participant  ! !   ANNIVERSARY   DAY  *was presented ,  as if on a Silver Platter.  Engraved with "All those things *Missed because of Prior committals .  A stack of Priority signs, which offered choices and options,  he " F A I L E D "  to turn over and read the instructions.   That,   simply said "Choose carefully,  because as time goes by,.   You may overlook the options.    AND,  as more time goes by,   Routines and  Habits   begin to replace  the Presentations from the Silver Platter.    MAN'S WEAKNESS,  was the next sign offered up to him,  NOT the weakness of knees,  but thinking that empathy was understood,   the reality was not the extending of empathy,  but rather,   to be a Part of that which is "GOING ON NOW"  or that which was "GOING ON THEN ! !     ANNIVERSARY,  carries with it  the meaning of Commemoration.    Which is a  "CELEBRATION  of our MEMORIES *.   BUT,  by leaving out a sharing of this event,  it Dampens.   This "Celebration" should be Shared ,   in a Loving,  devoted,  caring,  joyful,  HEARTS Goal as "ONE".      On this Anniversary,,he Thanks GOD  for lighting the pathways of understanding.    This  Anniversary he "Celebrates" with her  with a humbled,  clearer  appreciation,  and with a "REFRESHING LOVE".   As he writes this on the Tablets of his heart,   "SHE"   is his " ANNIVERSARY "  .
copyright  2012   Mike Ham   barnoahMike
Jun 2012 · 1.7k
* " TUSK CLUB " * (#65)
barnoahMike Jun 2012
Since the very beginning of joining the *ELEPHANTS TUSK CLUB".  He wondered whether others might make fun of him,   and sure enough,   every time he put on his Hide Coat and his Tusk crown,   joviality seemed to pour out from the walls.   "HARTY-HAR,,,HARTY-HAR,  laughter and mirth he heard from near and far.  But, that didn't deter him from his Delight in being a Member in the ELEPHANT -TUSK club.   Just about everybody desired the benefits the Club membership provided.    Here listed are some most asked  about:   TWO years Free cleaning for your Hide coat,    Two years free shining of your Tusk crown,   Two years of *Bellowing training at the unheard Price of only 10.00 per class,   based on attending 9 classes a month,   instead of the standard price of 25.00  per Class of *Bellowing training,   Two years of Free Circus tickets,  for those events not occurring in your home town,   Two years of Hauling feed and hay training for the low,,low price of  25.00 per class, for 4 classes,        *YOU would not believe the waiting list for Membership in the *ELEPHANT TUSK CLUB ! !  Filled with folks from "ALL"  walks of life.    "SIGN UP NOW" and receive THREE (3) grades of memory chips,,#1= everything for last 40 years,   #2= the last 20 years,   #3=- last 10 years  !  AND,  that means  memories of everything,  FULL descriptions played over and over until you "Click-Off".     ALSO,,includes Memory of Elephant,   Trainer,   Tusk Remover.   Each time you click on- the memories will be played over and OVER AND OVER ! ! The fee  "AT MANAGEMENT- IS ONLY 5.00each replay.     " W O W " ,,,,Y O U, yes YOU,   will Not forget anything !         THAT IS WHY YOU WANTED TO JOIN THE CLUB,   ISN'T  IT ? ?
COPYRIGHT  2012  by Mike Ham  ,    Barnoah
Jun 2012 · 805
* " TUSK CLUB " * (#65)
barnoahMike Jun 2012
Since the very beginning of joining the *ELEPHANTS TUSK CLUB".  He wondered whether others might make fun of him,   and sure enough,   every time he put on his Hide Coat and his Tusk crown,   joviality seemed to pour out from the walls.   "HARTY-HAR,,,HARTY-HAR,  laughter and mirth he heard from near and far.  But, that didn't deter him from his Delight in being a Member in the ELEPHANT -TUSK club.   Just about everybody desired the benefits the Club membership provided.    Here listed are some most asked  about:   TWO years Free cleaning for your Hide coat,    Two years free shining of your Tusk crown,   Two years of *Bellowing training at the unheard Price of only 10.00 per class,   based on attending 9 classes a month,   instead of the standard price of 25.00  per Class of *Bellowing training,   Two years of Free Circus tickets,  for those events not occurring in your home town,   Two years of Hauling feed and hay training for the low,,low price of  25.00 per class, for 4 classes,        *YOU would not believe the waiting list for Membership in the *ELEPHANT TUSK CLUB ! !  Filled with folks from "ALL"  walks of life.    "SIGN UP NOW" and receive THREE (3) grades of memory chips,,#1= everything for last 40 years,   #2= the last 20 years,   #3=- last 10 years  !  AND,  that means  memories of everything,  FULL descriptions played over and over until you "Click-Off".     ALSO,,includes Memory of Elephant,   Trainer,   Tusk Remover.   Each time you click on- the memories will be played over and OVER AND OVER ! ! The fee  "AT MANAGEMENTS- IS ONLY 5.00each replay.     " W O W " ,,,,Y O U, yes YOU,   will Not forget anything !         THAT IS WHY YOU WANTED TO JOIN THE CLUB,   ISN'T  IT ? ?
barnoahMike Mar 2012
Are things really as they seem to be ? ......He was trying to explain his vision to a friend,  who was listening with a   Bent ear,  that kept some of the Truth from entering into the ear canal and properly vibrating the ear drum.     Thereby,  making for a somewhat distorted message ..    And the "Stirring-Vision" was explained and detailed as follows:     "There was this dog I had,   that instead of Barking ,  it meowed and wanted out in the Middle of the Night.    And,there was this Cat I had,   that instead of meowing,  it Barked and it wanted to jump up on people and wag it's tail.        There was this horse I had, that instead of wanting to come into the Barn at night,  it preferred to lay in the Mud-Wallow.    And,  there was this Hog I had,  that instead of Oinking and wanting slop for food,  would try to jump the fence to get to the Salt-Lick..    There was this Rooster I had,  that instead of crowing in the early morning,  it let out Bleats and desired to chew on cans.   And,  there was this goat I had,  that instead of wanting to climb  everything,  spent most of its day in the Hen house , as if it were an egg inspector.     There was this Parrot I had,   that instead of repeating words that were taught to him,  simply called out .."Please Milk Me".   And ,  there was this cow I had,   that instead of  wanting to have a peaceful day of chewing it's Cud,  spent almost all the waking hours,  Repeating every word it had ever heard.    Then,  I saw this snake , crawling away into the tall grass,  trying to get away before it was discovered.    Yes,  there's something about snakes,  just always trying to change things.   Slithering away,  as blame on changes, goes to another as he claims his credits  !
COPYRIGHT  @ 2012       by barnoahMike         Mike Ham
barnoahMike Dec 2011
Far be it from me ~ to say that LEAD BALLOONS don't float !     For example,  how thick is the lead,   how big is the Balloon,   is it filled with Helium,  is it to be floated on earth ,  or perhaps the moon,  with much less gravity and,,what about aboard a space craft ?  SO,  just like I said,  I can;t say LEAD BALLOONS  don't float.     Could it be said,  that Man's feelings are like LEAD BALLOONS?    How Thick or Thin skinned are they,  how big and attractive are the temptations?   Who and what are the Tempters,  that will draw our attention  away from  truths ,  carried aloft by LEAD BALLOONS.    In any of these cases I ask ...." IS THERE A TETHER ATTACHED"?      SO,,,, for the floating portion of the test !!     Prepare as follows:  Snorkels,  Diving Suits,  Flippers,  Masks and Weighted Belts.    Just the things we need for Proper Diving { just in case}.   Fully suited Swan Dives may not seem in place at the Olympics,   BUT at these Major Finals,,A fully suited person is REQUIRED.    Double pike with a Full Twist help in escaping "THAT HUGE SUCTION SOUND".   And of course the Perfect Bathing Cap,  to keep hair out of FACE.   There is Something about having  a situation "RIGHT IN YOUR FACE"  .
copyright 2011    by barnoah     Mike Ham
barnoahMike Nov 2011
Down at the Shipyards people are *Waiting for their "Ship-to-come-in".     At the Ballpark people are *waiting for the "Home-run-hit".    At the Racetrack people are  *Waiting for "Their winning horse".   At the street corner people are  *Waiting for the "Light -to-turn-green".   At the office people are *Waiting for "That-Raise".    At the restaurant people are *Waiting to be "Waited-on".    At the bookstore people are *Waiting for *THAT "New-book".   At the the Shoe store people are *Waiting to see if  "The-Shoe-fits".   at the Doctors office people are *Waiting in the "Waiting-Room".     At the grocery store people are *Waiting to "Check-out".    And it's been said, that folks today,have No-Patience !   WELL,  Excuse me,  just the few illustrations above,  clearly demonstrate, THAT somebody is *Waiting for something !    What are their intentions of asking for Indulgence,  Tolerance  and Unity.    AND,,  don't dare Upset the Apple-Cart !   Down at the Coffee shop people are *Waiting for that  "Java-with-Ummph".    At the corner people are *Waiting to be "Taken-for-a-Ride".   Downtown people are *Waiting for a place to "PARK & WAIT" !      "Pray Tell,,,WHAT ARE  WE WAITING FOR " ?
copyright @2011      barnoah       Mike Ham
Sep 2011 · 1.4k
" ALDIN AWK " ( #61)
barnoahMike Sep 2011
He knew that he was an Alien,  He knew that he was peculiar,  He knew that he was different,   He knew the Air-Prince would continue to encourage others to Strike-Out at Him~ whether they knew the meaning of that which he spoke !       They even made fun of his name~ they would blurt  out~  There goes "AWKARD AL" ~ Words bellowed out~as if to a 100psi ! !    They tried to throw enough "HOT" words  to Blister~His Back.       Then one day,  while at a concert, a few moments before it was to begin,~ a LOUD Murmuring ~ hovered over the audience.   and in Unison they proclaimed ~"There sits ALDIN AWK,  the man whose words Bristle with Brackishness .! and  they~.....Chanted in unison " His words Bristle with Brackishness" , they repeated the chant  over and over.     Aldin stood up,  the crowd thinking ~that He  was about to leave the concert.       To their surprise~ he walked to the stage~ was handed the microphone~ bowed his head for a Moment......     and as He began to speak~  "EVEN GREATER WERE THE BRISTLED WORDS OF BRACKISHNESS"    that came from him thru the tears "Pouring forth"  ....
copyright 2011     barnoahMIKE      Mike Ham
barnoahMike Aug 2011
Sitting on her throne~one day~she Pondered about the world~around her.   Seeing that a lack of progress ~and fewer cheerful attitudes~were causing folks ~to walk around~as if with~"Pouty Lips.    This certainly~"Was not"~what the QUEEN~wanted to hear~about her throngs ~of followers~.    Even her Jesters~sent her whispered notes~that things were not well  !  She unfolded the silver whispered notes~over and over~as she was seeking an answer ~to the~doldrum cases~being reported to her~every day...     The Queens supreme Guard~asked if he might have a private audience with her~....   She, without hesitation~granted his wish~and declared to take~all the time he needed.   Getting to the point quickly~he knew~the QUEEN may suddenly change her mind~or create a decision ~Right-Now~,  as She was Prone to ~seeing that things Got-Done",  so, she exclaimed to the Captain,,  What is your presentation?   Standing before her,  she proclaimed,Please be seated~and let me hear!  Clearing his throat~trying to muster courage of~Required by QUEEN~ looking straight into her eyes~when she had granted audiences !    Madam QUEEN, he started,  Jesters have told me of the *WOE !  a Severe case of Doldrum stress~has attached itself to our people.    The QUEEN retorted, my Court has learned well......"WHAT IS THE PLAN" she bellowed~as she stood,in her stately,magnificently beautiful way,  glided to the balcony drapes, turned promptly and asked...."Well"?    The Captain~made aware of her  presence so profoundly,presented his case !   Madam QUEEN, have you ever met or know of Major Glib?   Yes,,she said quietly,turning her head away, I Know the Major.   the Captain continued,  this is the kind of Man we need ,,to face head-on, bring mountains of encouragement,show new skills,be their spokesman when needed,  to resolve all differences,,seek the Spices of life.....Learn the values of friendship and even Love.   Someone who puts a meaning and measureable value to the future~yes even tomorrow.   The QUEEN , interrupted~How quickly can we have Major Glib here for a discussion of Willingness?   The Knocks on the door~interrupted ~ the QUEEN nodded to the Captain to answer the door.  Twenty six determined steps brought him to the door, opening the door full way----there stood Major Glib.   The Major didn't say a word,walked directly to the QUEEN ~took her hand~gazed into her eyes~and asked,    You're calling for me?   My Life and time are now yours he proclaimed with authority !     {end of Part #ONE}--------
COPYRIGHT @2011 by  Barnoah                  Mike Ham
Jul 2011 · 1.6k
* " BOLDERDASH " * (#59 )
barnoahMike Jul 2011
.....BOLDERDASH and Folly~they all exclaimed! !    There couldn't be anything that simple about it.  *Backwash and Rusty Pipes they continued !   Something that complex,  can't be that easy to get.     Wondergas and  flagsnarfs they Shouted with Knowledge !   From here to there has got to have a fine set of Rules .     BARFUL-CUSPS,   If thats true~what does this mean?=_Seeing is Believing,   What you see is what you get,   I've Never seen anything like it,   Wait til you see what I got,   WOW, take a look at this,   Look for the Silver lining,   If they could only see me now,   You can see seven states from lookout mountain,     See the Amazing bearded Lady,   See if you can do this,  See if you like this one,  See if you can find the Shiny dime in the bowl of pennies,    Gee,you look like a million bucks,   See if you can't do a little better next time ,    That'll be the LAST TIME  you'll see me in That Place !         Let's see "IF" you can make me move ! !       And they wonder why~~~friends don't last _M.
copyright 2011  barnoahMike     Mike Ham
barnoahMike Jun 2011
Here Kitty,  Kitty,, called aloud the man~relaxing in his Lounge chair~while sipping a Slightly-Sugared Iced tea.   Here Kitty,  Kitty,,He continued to call~wondering where the curious cat~might have have made off to~THIS TIME..     Perhaps to the New neighbors~where boxes of all shapes and colors~were carefully~Disarrayed in the back yard~Just waiting for the curious...      Not getting any response from Kitty~the Man decided to PEER over ~the Neighborhood Alignment Fence~and Sure enough~There was Kitty!     Kitty was Springing~Up and Down~Like a YO-YO and Jumping from Box to Box.   Curiosity is an Amazing thing~Isn't it?    The Man seemed to be caught in a Trance~As he watched Kitty~continue to jump and  YO-YO !    What could be in those boxes?~that held such fascination?   Was it a Creepy-crawler~a Slimy-Slitherer~a Wise-Wiggler~a Dashing-Dancer~an Awful-Awesome~a Yelping-Yeoman~an Energized-Egrit~an Ugly-Duckling~a Fast Frog~a Gorgeous-Gargantula~a Social Secret~a Horrible-hulk'a Raspy-Rascal~an Insensitive-Iguana~a Jumping-Jackal ?     OR ,    was it simply the color of the Boxes ?     Look at that Curios Kitty~Jumping and Jumping and Jumping !      SUDDENLYthe Man~Totally overcome by ~Lady Curiosity~Bounded over the Alignment Fence~Dashed Promptly to the Boxes~Scattering them all over the Yard~Trying to Discover ~ "THE SOURCE" ..    Only ONE box remained ~after opening~All the Others!  NOW he would find the ANSWER!   He carefully approached the LAST BOX~Gently pulled it closer~looking for a way to Open~-------  Lifting Lid carefully~Slowly~KITTY~came Bounding out~All claws~digging and clinging to His chest~Was that FEAR~~HE SAW in KITTY'S  eyes?_  "AS His ALARM-CLOCK ,, Screamed out to Him"AWAKEN_
COPYRIGHT @2011   by barnoahMike         Mike Ham
barnoahMike May 2011
Seems to me that the man who doesn't Shine his Shoes,    Might Not have remembered to change His Socks !    If you only half-way stop at the Stop sign,   Must you also wait for the light to turn Fully Green, Before you GO ?    Do Ants really like being in OUR they  Simply like the trails We leave?    If streets are paved to keep down the Dust,    Does that mean there's never any Dirt on our Vehicles!   Since cars have battery operated Starters,   Should Humans have to be Plugged in overnight ?    If Floss is used to clean between our teeth,   Would it be better to do it More Often,  So as to have a Better taste for things ?    Some folks sing out Loud with Joy,  Some folks show their Joy in their Face,  Some in their talk,   some in their habits,  some in their attitude.....WHAT is Seen in Their Mirrors ??     If a Road Hog wallows in Width,  does that mean we should dig Deeper to keep from falling into Pits ?    If Truth is seen in the Light,  How long of an extension cord should WE carry around ?     If DUST is something to come from,   It's sure nice to know,  that You've got something firm to stand  on!    Was that Wind blowing thru my hair,   OR was I just running to Fast ?       Aha,  there's a bench,  I'll sit down and wait for you.    Looking forward to that LONG Chat ,  Aren't YOU ??
copyright @2011  by barnoahMike       Mike  Ham
Apr 2011 · 1.3k
* " NO-BODY KNOWS " * (#56 )
barnoahMike Apr 2011
No body knows the Trouble I;ve Seen~Except my Aunt Maude and the Mowin machine..  No body knows the garbage I've tossed~Except for that stray dog~who by now Must be lost...  No body knows the Trash I've tripped over~Except for that Yellow Horse that eats all the clover...  No body know the Turmoils and Bruises~Except for those folks who take Long cruises...  No body knows the Tormenting stress~Except for Garden hoses and the guy doing the Bench Press...   No body knows the Aggravation I've got stored~ Except  for a Majesty sitting on His Throne...   No body knows the Deceit that I've been dealt~Except for that guy who always wears the Bright Blue belt...   No body knows that awful dog Grover~Except the Fat Lady who sings ,When's it's all over...   No body knows what Sloppy Joe Means~Except for the people who wear Hand-me-down Jeans...   No body knows what it's like to feel Really  Blue~Except for the people who try to make friends with fast drying Glue...   No body knows where all these Roads might lead ~Except for those who know what it's like to be on your knees...    "NO BODY KNOW THE TROUBLE I'VE SEEN ! !
Copyright 2011    barnoahMike           Mike Ham
barnoahMike Apr 2011
Sitting by the Birdbath~He noticed the sloshing had suddenly stopped~Looking over his book to take a Gaze~A bird he did not see~but He DID see a Face with legs~Glaring with  RED  eyes~that had a piercing effect~making him not fear~but rather be Drawn~to this face on the Birdbath~He saw no wings~but as he approached~he watched  the feet Push the head upward~Wings from his ears~stretched it seemed for 20 feet~And as it Lifted~not screeching as a Bird might do~but simply with firm clear WORDS~stated;   I'll return at Midnight, , ,     BE Ready for the Journey..........
copyright 2011   barnoahMike        Mike Ham
Mar 2011 · 867
* " RAMBLINGS "* ( #54)
barnoahMike Mar 2011
{#1} *The Shadow has this great Confidence-=OF th Bright Light Behind HIM!!!   {#2}= Who voted for thes people in chargeand even ***** Times,,Geeez!     {#3}=  There aren't enough stars to Count,  to say or to Care.  There aren't enough grains of Sand to Count,  to Say,  To Care,,   To Send,  to Wish,  to Brighten"TO *YOU !    {#4} = Every handsome Knight should have his "Morning Sunrise",   SHE is Worthy of her Name,   a GOD given Brightness,   for HER Knight !   {#5"= The songs I write are Not just words on Paper,  but rather, the Very Melodies from My Heart !   _  Please"ENJOY these "ALLEGORICAL RAMBLINGS"   May they Bless a Very Special Way!   _M
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barnoahMike Feb 2011
As the knock came on the door, He laid down the Book,carefully.     Grasped both arms of the chair,  firmly and briskly pushed himself  to the STANDING  position.   The knocks repeated themselves and the man Leaned over,  ever so gently,   and Lowered himself onto his wheel chair,   and Called out LOUDLY,   "COMING,,,,COMING "    The knocks were continuing,  even more intensely ,   as he gripped the edges of the Wheels and pushed himself Forward,,  with ALL his Might ! !    "COMING,,,,COMING"   He Repeated !    His strength had so waned in the last few weeks,  that the very effort of pushing with all HIS might,  Only propelled him forward a Very Few Inches at a Time ! !    The Knocks were even Louder Now !    and more Frequent.....      He was sweating Profusely as he gritted his teeth and struggled with the wheel chair,   in His effort to reach the door.    It seemed like He  moved forward in * SLOW-MOTION*,    GOD_ how he wanted to reach the Door !    His groans were now growing Louder as he attempted with  with his most Valiant effort,  to reach the Door from which the Pounding seemed to be UNCEASING !   "COMING,,,,COMING"  he echoed thru the hallway in his Exhausted state,  "Please Wait,  I'm Coming" he Pleaded , as the Knocking continued  at a Rapid pace !    With each Inch of Forward Movement,  He felt he just couldn't go on any further,  BUT, The Repeating sounds of the Knocks Kept him on His QUEST!     Near Collapse as he reached the Door,   He slowly extended his arm,   wrapped  his hand , pouring wet with sweat, around the Door **** and with ALL  of the strength He had Left,_he TURNED  the **** and Opened the Door ! !    The Flashing White brightness , Never seen before or even able to describe,   Enveloped His Whole Body   !    As he felt Himself being Lifted from the chair,  placed gently and firmly on his feet!   The Light now became  A SOURCE OF GREAT COMFORT,  and as it grasped his hands,  He heard a "Comforting " Voice say to him   "COME,  WALK AND FOLLOW ME" ...........
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barnoahMike Feb 2011
As I look around,   What I see are the Fragments of Man !      Some quite Large,   Some very tiny!     Some as Ripped off,  Others as carefully Taken and placed down.    Some  I recognize as Hearts,  others appear as Spirit forms.    What is common is that some seek sympathy and attention!    Others,  as if an Enticement, want you to join them.   Each think they have made an offering,   That either asks for help OR cries out that You become as them!   Amazingly,  the crowds around them,  seem to debate as to which path they should choose.   ONLY a Handful,   Promptly turn their backs and RUSH away !     BUT,   the Majority sifts thru the SHARDS,  as if shopping at a Flea Market.   Going from Table to Table to Sample the Wares!   No one Cries out that they be "Taken Away" from the pieces  of SHARDS Scattered   all about them !   RATHER,  they ask that YOU Mix in some of Yours and set up a Table ,,Right Next to them ! __    MY Heart pounds a stronger RHYTHM,   My mind racing in questions,   Can't they see The're accepting  all these broken lives as if it should Be the NORM ?     None wants to stand out as His Own,   Fearful that they would be left alone  and WHIMS desires would be left in the  cleaning closet ~having to wait for use~so~they sleep in  a Brokeness  Slumber!    As I leave this "Fixed In My Mind" SCENE.   I reach down and pick up a Small SHARD, appearing to be part of One's Soul,,     Something I "WILL" be Praying about . . . .
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barnoahMike Jan 2011
How may I introduce these people  to YOU  ,  in a way that will Not make fun of them,  but rather,  just simply Identify them !               Identified by their present achievements and Job functions..              PERHAPS,    they are always this way__.                 SO, in my studies of Mankind,     HOW to Label All those who are  "FULL OF * S __! "                               Such as the following List ! !                                                                ­                            #1=STIFLESKILLSMAN=   A person who has been highly trained to Stop you from going the direction you were trying to go !                                                          #2= STIFLECOATING=   A spray you can apply ALL over your body to keep  a "STIFLESKILLSMAN"      away!!!!                                  ­                                       # 3= SHUNHAT=  A cap you can wear on days when NO one is paying  any attention to you,,AND,,"Thats the way You want it ! ! "                                                           # 4= SEEMEEARWAX = A wax placed on the surface of both ears that GLOWS in the dark and in bright Light it changes colors every "SIX" Seconds,  SO people will really pay attention to YOU ! !  __                 *W A R N I N G_____W A R N I N G *.        "Never apply *SEEMEEARAX  when wearing a  "SHUNHAT " !                                           #5= STUNNINGLOSS=  a spray for your hair and neck,   that as it Dries,  becomes like a Rainbow  and causes People to ask__"Where's the ***?"                                                            ­                           # 6= SWORDGAS=   The odor produced by people who must have come out of the swamp Just Recently...Because it *CUTS  so Deep.....   # 7= SWORDGAS=PAIR=  *TWO people of the SWORDGAS  squad,  SHARPLY Gassing their words in unison,  uplifting one another in Endless delight!.                                                        ­                                                        # 8= SNOOZESTOMPINGER =  A Device you wear like an Engagement ring,,to Keep YOU  awake  .                                                    ­          # 9 =  SIGHTGIMMICKLENS =    Glasses that only let you SEE what has been Pre=Programmed in the Lens,,{ a PC approved}..                        # 10 = STARTERSTALLS  Like band-aids placed right under your eyes to keep you from getting out of bed before it's time.                             # 11 = SWEATTYSLIDES = SPECIAL gloves that make it appear that you are about to LOSE control   { WHEN  actually,,puts YOU in TOTAL control of all situations for a 24 hour period ! }                                 # 12 = SUDDENLYSUPER = A really fast acting Spray that on days when you are just not QUITE up to Par!    Just a fast SPRAY_ and *VOILA,    Sudden appearance of doing just fine !!                                        * WELL,   I  have a list of Seven times Seventy, to add,,                                  *(PS)  Do You know any of  *"S"  TEAM ,,?
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barnoahMike Jan 2011
The Little Boy child,  Sitting in the Dust on the edge of the Porch that protruded from the Leaning shack of a Building.    Extended forward his arm,  Opened His Hand,   Palm UP and Begged for  "Just a CRUMB of Bread,  Kind Sir? "                   The Pleading Eyes,   Tearing from fear and Frustration,   Peered deeply into the Crowds of People as they passed by.     Waiting,   Just waiting,   for ONE  to come forward and Place a small Morsel of BREAD  or some other Fine Delicacy that would provide the Ultimate  delight  of Lasting Taste!!                " Just a CRUMB of Bread,   Kind Lady ? "         Still,  the crowds as they passed by,   would only Stare in Dismay and continue on their way.     BUT not without great Pangs of Compassion STARTING  to tug on them ! !       The Smirks and Unsavory comments,   such as,  " Don't go near Him,  He might have a Disease",   "Make sure it's not a trap",   "Don't even look at Him",   "Such a disgrace,  that child should be put in an Orphanage",   " I,can't believe that's Permitted". . . .                            The SOBBING child only raised His head a Little Higher and Silently  Muttered to Himself as the Many crowds of people continued to  PASS BY.        Perhaps a Hundred people have Passed by today,  the Child thought,   and not ONE offered even a helpful Smile or provided a  Small  CRUMB of Nourishing delight ! !                    Where were they all going?  The  Child Mused,,,,,ALL I  simply wanted was  "Just a CRUMB of Bread" !            Unable to understand His Dilemma,   the Child folded His arms across his chest,  Hung his head and began to SOB Deeply.,,,        SITTING in the DUST,    Just waiting for a CRUMB  of Bread!                     " IS there not ONE out there who would  but share ONE Portion of their Plenty?"     _ The Sobbing Suddenly stopped!     A Great feeling of Joy,  Peace ,  Serenity and Comfort Enveloped over the Child's BODY !         AS the LORD  took the Child unto HIS ***** and Breathed the Everlasting LIFE  INTO him !       From Now on,   the child would NEVER   again ask_"JUST A CRUMB OF BREAD ,  KIND SIR ! "__...
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barnoahMike Jan 2011
_ Little leonard  Lion,  decided to attend the Upcoming Town meeting  with an Open mind about the Subjects that were to be Discussed.   Many Times in the Past,   Little Leonard along with others of his Thinking,  Especially,  Anthony   Ant and Roxanne Roach,   Went to the Town Meetings with the Attitude of "Cautious-Listening"..    MANY Times the Town Meetings,  conducted by the Town Upper-Layers and their *Chief,  Wendall Waglips,  had NOT stuck entirely to issues ,  BUT rather Modified them.    SO,  that the Credits due to the *Proper Provider,   were Instead directed to  Themselves !   Waglips and his Upper Layers had announced the Upcoming meeting would be a *Revelation of NEW Ideas and Plans !   Needles to  say,  Leonard Lion, Anthony Ant and Roxanne Roach Could Hardly wait !   As they sat on the edges of their seats,   to hear the Proclamations  that Wendall and the Upper Layers would be *SWEETLY*  offering up to the Audience of " Fully Attentive"  Listeners .    Waglips approached the Podium of Announcement,  Stood behind it,  Grabbed both sides at the top,   Leaned forward toward the microphone,With a Self made Smile and his Attitudinal  Voice,   Began the Ritual of Proclamations;   #1= A Decree you will accept with Glee.   #2= When I Condone and accept it as the Known.  #3= Should you disagree,  DON'T bring it to me !   #4= What is Laid out,  ACCEPT it or get Out.   #5= The LAWS are on the Walls in the Halls,,*BUT*DON'T Loiter in the Halls.    Waglips continued His Finale ,   "These are for Your benefit and I am sure You agree,  That each of you they will fit !    These NEW rules we've SPOKEN for your  Wellbeing  for the Residents of this Town !      __Leonard,  Anthony and Roxanne Looked at each other and glanced around at the  2500 attendees !  As a Megaphone was Placed in Leonards hand!  He Repeatedly Shouted out !   "JOIN ME IN THE HALLS "...     So, whats in store for those who stayed in their seat and "DID-NOT" heed the Boldness of the VOICE ,calling them to the Halls  ?
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barnoahMike Jan 2011
On a pondering Morning,   watching the Sun Rise,   I see off in the Distance a Twirling Fog bank !    It was the calmest of Mornings,   So what TWISTS the fog ?   Even the sound of Footprints being Quickly made,  I could hear Running across  the Misty Glade .   An Echo of Light seemed to follow the Pace,   As well as did the turning of the Fog .    What,  Pray Tell,  Could I be Privy too on this New Morning ?    The Foot path beats seemed to be coming closer,   But still Unseen because of the Clouded Steps.   I CRIED OUT  "Is someone there?"   and again "Is someone there?"   NOT a reply except the approaching sounds and sights !    As if Music to my ears,   a Melody emitted from the scene,   Coming closer each second.   I Realized that Anticipation and Peace of Mind were Overwhelming me !    NO fear or apprehension crossed my mind,   Just a lifting of my Spirits,   as not but a few feet away,  ALL Three were nearly to me !    The Footpath Sounds,  The Twisting mist,  The melody of Calling....    Then,  What seemed like 7  Minutes of a Total Earth Quiet Time !   Out from the Mist Stepped a Glistening  Golden,  Shimmering in Velvet,  Raven Haired to HER Waist..Loveliest of Women ever to be Seen !  As she began to speak,  it was as if  each word became forever imprinted in my Mind !   She Proclaimed in a voice so Gentle and Concise that she was Sent,,  Sent,  SO I might See,   What a Gift from GOD  Looks Like,  "MY GILDED MUSE".   Tears filling my eyes as Her indwelling within me BECAME COMPLETE.......
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barnoahMike Jan 2011
Good old Gregory Goose was Gladder  than any Gander could be  and not Just because Nelson the Ninja Snail had said he was "JUST-DUCKY" !     This was a Very Special morning for Gregory Goose,   in Fact it was yesterdays Super Special situation that made His Delight so DELICIOUS.      The comment by Nelson the Ninja Snail, had simply added to  His Glory!      Gregory's Special Situation  Had been the Unexpected Announcement that HE was to be Named  "TEAM-CAPTAIN"   for the Annual  "Hog Wallow and Here's Mud in Your eye" CONTEST ! !     "Oh the delight" He thought,   "I am to be Captain,  after waiting all these years".     "ME"   he exclaimed !  "Captain of the South Forty Blocks"......   "W O W ' ! !    At the most convenient time of the day,  Harold Hippo,   Candy Cow,   Curtis Chipmunk,   Marvin Monkey,   Beatrice Bovine   and Larry Lynx  decided to make a Personal call on Good Old GREGORY GOOSE  .   Keep in mind Now,   That Harold,  Candy,   Curtis,   Marvin,   Beatrice  and Larry we're the *INSIDE,  of the  "INNER-CIRCLE".     JUST ASK THEM !!    They were on the INSIDE ! !    Well,  when Gregory Goose heard the Knock at the door,   He opened it with a Great Big Grin,  That ONLY Gregory could Give!   Before Him stood  the "J U D G E S "  of All Contests and Efforts.    *Gregory was Beside Himself ! !     Instead of Seeing a group of Smiles and Handshakes,   He saw Staring Eyes,   Necks that had been stiffened  AND  *Gnashing of Teeth.    Beatrice Bovine was the First to Speak,   "Gregory,   it has been brought to our attention that you had a conversation with Nelson the Ninja Snail,,   and YOU didn't Rebuke his statement of being called  "JUST-DUCKY".    "As a result of this,  *WE  decided YOU  "Cannot  Be"    *CAPTAIN   of the Hog Wallow and Mud in Your Eye Contest,   PERIOD ! !      Gregory Simply smiled,  Looked Straight into their Eyes,   Quietly said  "BYE",   Softly Closed the door....    Turned Grinning,   Knelt to his Knees,   PRAYING,   Thanking GOD,  for the FACT,, That he,   Gregory,    He was Made just a   *LITTLE BIT PECULIAR  ! !
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barnoahMike Jan 2011
Shouldering the Load by Himself seemed like toil that He could Easily accomplish.    However,  The Assignment required at least a Minimum load of that which was EQUAL to One's Body weight! !   " But Child's-Play" He thought,  "I can carry my Own Quite Easily !    So,__He signed All the required documents ,  Applied his Fingerprints in the Appropriate  Places,  Affixed His Seal and took the Pledge.   He then,   went over to Stand in the Waiting line for His turn to come ~~        While waiting in Line,  it gave Him the Perfect opportunity to Totally review the Upcoming Event !  With Heated Anticipation,  WAS how He would LATER describe it !   Just Imagine,  To carry the Assigned Load "All by Himself".   Should He first Squat  with back ***** to get a Better Grip?   Should He First put one  knee on the ground in front of Him, OR,  His foot only, so as to better Stable the Load?   He was Really looking forward  to this New Adventure,  "W O W ",  Shouldering the Load ALL by Himself !   This is NEATER than he could ever begin to Imagine.   "GEE"  He had already moved Up twenty spaces,   He MUST be getting Close!    Everyone was so Courteous , Absolutely NO Jostling was occurring in the Line.     This was,he thought " YEAH,  it really was Very Neat!"   Maybe,  Just Maybe in Attempting his First lift,  His feet should be Directly Under His Shoulders !    Made Sense !~~    The Assignment was to  "Shoulder A Load ".    Even if He backed under it,  His feet could be Directly beneath His Shoulders, That too should Work !   The  ULTIMATE  Goal could be Achieved,    BY GOSH,  He could do it  ! !   What an Opportunity ,  He continued to Ponder,  as He Moved up another Twenty Spaces.       ALL He had to do, was to Shoulder His Own weight !    ALL the Paper work had been put into Action,  All the the Necessary Preambles,  Done and finished.    ALL He had to do WAS,   Take On the Task.  GEE=****  how exciting,,,He was NOW Next in Line!    " I,  AM NEXT ,  Good golly Miss Molly,  " I AM NEXT" !    As He saw the Task Before Him,   A Tugging from His Heart went out for those Behind Him,    As the tear formed in His Eye ,   Should  He-Stay"  and help His Friends  "SHOULDER A LOAD " .......
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barnoahMike Dec 2010
Push,  Pull,  Click,  Click.........and so the Instructions ,  so Plainly Printed on the Silky Smooth Paper,  SHOUTED-OUT  to the User.   The User,  Pondering in His Best State of Mind,   Glared back at  the SHOUTING black letters on the Silky smooth Paper.    Are they serious,  He wondered ?   Should I actually do EACH of these steps in Exactly the Order in which they are Presented ?   What would happen if I Suddenly ,  as if I had been Engrossed in some Deep thought,  TOTALLY  disregarded the Emphatic instructions?   The User,   not accustomed to such vivid instructions,   was at a Quandary  as to what to do ! !   Being an Observer of the Satirical  Right,  Could the User in such an Abrupt state of Mind,   Actually curb his intentions,  and TOTALLY ignore the Now Blatantly LOUD  Instructions !    SUCH Simple instructions to follow,,   OR  so the Outline  implied !   Simply start at Step #A,  then proceed to Step #B and so on and so on....    ALL the way to the End and to the FULL completion of said Task.   That's All there was TO-IT ! !    but, the words of INSTRUCTION,   Now cut-back at each glance with a much Sharper Edge now,   Making the reading a TASK of Monumental effort.    Push,  pull,  click,  click..   Just that Simple,   Printed right there in Black and White,  in BOLD Classic letter style for the user to read and complete. _WHY were the Words now *SCREAMING?   and even *YELLING ?   All I simply tried to do,  MUSED  the User,  was to "DO-IT"---"MY WAY"--!     But NO,   the next thing  I know , crowing out his words,  Here come these words   Screaming and yelling,     Just like they DIDN'T  have anything better to do ! !   Why Me.   the User was now complaining,  Why Oh,  Why Oh  ME? _"WHY-NOT"   Blared out the Instructions on the Silky Smooth Paper ?    As the EXPLOSION ripped thru  the building ,  Shattering windows as far as 3 miles away.   He COMPLETED  the Instructions,  inserted KEY in door and walked OUT to SAFETY ~ Glancing Back ,  HE   GLARED  at the Smoldering  Remnants of INSTRUCTIONS ,,  THROWING OFF SPARKS,    "AS IF IN DEFIANCE"_of those who *FOLLOW-INSTRUCTIONS"
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barnoahMike Dec 2010
_ EACH of these  Words  and Letters to such  "Special Friends " I'VE Wrapped in a Glimmering , Gold/ Blue/ Silver Foil ..,   REFLECTING  the Smiling hearts that Give without asking,,   Asking nothing in return,   But Simply Giving  and Caring.    Caring Presented in this Reflection ,   Carries NO Heavy Burden,  BUT  Rather the Joining of Hearts,   Minds,  and Spirits Lifted HIGH.    Lifted to  a  Point and Place Never before Ventured.   Going forth  securely and Knowing that  ONLY   Blessings   are what we Seek !    Blessings NOT for Ourselves,   But that which we can Extend  to the Other.    When the Blessing is Unwrapped,   The Message is on the FOLDED Paper found inside the  LOCKET !    The Locket is Precious in that,   it is made up of  ALL the Very words we have Shared !    SHARED,   as One  Outside would Not understand  or would be   Blinded by the Meanings...       *MEANINGS  Meant "Just for YOU " _THE  " *GIFTS TO SPECIAL FRIENDS * "
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Dec 2010 · 1.5k
* " ROLL CALL "* (#43)
barnoahMike Dec 2010
_THEYwould EACH day  take the ROLL CALL ! !...iT WENT LIKE THIS=  GERRY GIRAFFE="here sir",   *SHARON SNAIL= "here sir",  SIDNEY SNAKE= "here sir",   DIANNE DEER= "here sir",  HERMAN HIPPO= "here sir",  FRANCES FOX= "here sir",  ....AND  it seemed like the list went on "FOREVER"! !    There were not Hundreds,, thousands or Millions ,,, BUT *HUNDREDS of Millions who were on the *ROLL CALL List !  Many often Wondered ,  How Long would it take to complete the ROLL ??  Many often Wondered ,,  Would They be on the List ??     EACH=TIME a *ROLLCALL  was answered ,, Another would wait in Heated Anticipation ! !    NO ONE HERE,,,Knows for sure,   When the Exact Moment of the * ROLL CALL Started,,  but= it is SURELY known for fact,,   EVERYONE WANTS TO BE ON "THE" LIST ! !    Some may deny the need for the List,   Some May doubt the Existence of the LIST,   Some may say "WHY EVEN HAVE  alist ?"   Some say "EVOLUTION" has brought us here ! !  Some not Understanding  ,have SHED MANY A TEAR>> LEONARD LION="here sir",    ADRIAN ANTELOPE= "here sir",   RONALD ROACH= "here sir",    MAUDE MOOSE= "here sir",   ... THEY STAND IN AMAZEMENT  as they see what looks like Surrender,,  Have Feared for their   VERY EXISTENCE,,,   Looking around in AWE,, EACH SIGHING for the Sorrow in Others Hearts , ....BUT STILL THEY ASK   ??  'W H Y THE ROLL=CALL?  > BERRY BEETLE="here sir",   *CAROL CROAKER = "here sir",     >>  THE *ROLL CALL does continue this very moment! !  promised "TO GO ON"  til the " GREAT-GATHERING"...>FLOYD FLOUNDER= "here sir",   *ZELDA ZEBRA="here sir",.......    the list IS STILL BEING CALLED  AS  "W E     S P E A K "...simply waiting FOR  the Gathering,,    AND__the "calling "  OF their NAME  on the * ROLL-CALL*"
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Dec 2010 · 2.0k
*" IN FULL COLOR * " (#42)
barnoahMike Dec 2010
Glad to see you,  the ORANGE hatted man said to the YELLOW shirted Person seated in the FULL Reclining Chair,  WHICH By the *way,  was *ONLY in the Half Back Position.   Being in the Half-Back Position allowed the YELLOW  shirted Person to respond in Just a Slightly UPLIFTED EYE ANGLE !!    And,  the ORANGE Hatted man, Peering Down,  with Head *****,  Gave EACH of them an EQUAL Opposition Eye Angle of 22 Degrees EXACT ! !    Now,  to Verify the fact of Equal Opposition, the PROTRACTOR MAN arrived promptly on the scene to Evaluate the Situation..    He (protractor-man) Had , for the Very FIRST-TIME,  been especially Called for this HISTORIC Moment .   YES,,YES,,  For the very "FIRST-TIME"  Equal Opposition between an ORANGE hatted man and a YELLOW  shirted person,  USING the Measurement of "ALL-MEANING",  THAT IS::   "The Protractor of Life"...  This Historic moment would forever be Relished by Another Member of THE SOCIETY ,  BUT it was up to the Assigned Protractor Man to Assure all Interested Parties,  That the ANGLE of Exactness was * C O R R E C T ! ! wouldn't COUNT !   OH DEAR GOD,,"THOUGHT"  the assigned Protractor man,  Let my Measurements be CORRECT ! !   The ORANGE  Hatted man continued to Patiently Peer at the YELLOW shirted person seated in the :HALF-BACK  * Position in the Full Reclining Chair..  A Trumpet Blast form a BRONZE  Bassoon,, announced the arrival of  a  SPECIAL LADY ;Fully Gowned in STARTLING PINK  AND Glimmering WHITE PEARLS , adorning Her Neck and SUN-KISSED" DIAMONDS flashed from her Fingers.    In her Right hand  she firmly grasped an envelope.  She Careful in her opening  ,as if  it were a SEVEN-SEALED SCROLL *  Pulled out the  PURPLE with GOLD INLAY INSCRIPTION  ,"CERTIFICATE  OF APPROVAL "  FOR THE   Magnificent  level of ACHIEVEMENT  by the  ORANGE hatted  and YELLOW shirted man ,VERIFIED   BY AN  "UN-COLORED " PROTRACTOR-MAN"   "HEAVENLY" PRAISES AND ACCOLADES  FILLED THE AIR**          AND A "BOOMING-THUNDERING VOICED"  "NOT-EVERYTHING WILL BE IN......."B L A C K & W H I T E " ! !
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Dec 2010 · 2.2k
" * THE CHERUB * " ( #41 )
barnoahMike Dec 2010
Pressing His  Cherub face against the window glass,   To get the * Better View.   Even as the Heat from his Breath caused the Fogging of the Glass !    Standing now on His Tip-Toes trying harder yet to get that Better  View..     The crowds around Him,  were pressing in,   Pressing in as if they  would NEVER Get a Turn.     The SIGN Clearly said ,,," ALL IN LINE ,  WILL GET THE OPPORTUNITY TO SEE ,  TO ASK  and to CHOOSE ! "    There were no Sequence numbers assigned,  SO...the Poor LAD got Shoved further back into the MASSIVE CROWD .   Instead of the Line getting smaller,   it seemed that it was GROWING even Larger...  The LAD with the CHERUB face was now pushed all the way to the OUTER-EDGES of the crowd.   Not ONE without a *DRIVING URGE AND SPIRIT,   the Lad Shouted in a Loud Voice and Pointing to the *REDDISH-BLUE morning sky.  "There HE IS !   There HE IS  ! ! "    At that moment, everyone in the Great crowd turned toward the Lad and Looked up into the SKY...   With Keen Alertness the CHERUB faced Lad Raced toward the entry door......and to HIS ASTONISHMENT,,     *THERE  HE STOOD,,       The Tears of Great JOY and Excitement Poured   down the  CHERUB Faced Lad.    The Lad had made His Choice....AND...He Saw *OPEN ARMS extended  Open to Receive HIS  Embrace ! !  The Roar of Joy from the Great Crowd  did not dilute the *TEARS OF DELIGHT     Thoughts Racing thru His Mind,, about the CROWD     WOULD THEY PRESS-ON     AS THIS  "CHERUB" HAD DONE.
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Dec 2010 · 1.7k
. ** JOB-OPENINGS ** (#40 )
barnoahMike Dec 2010
Standing here on the edge of this LOFTY CLIFF,   Simply Admiring the "HANDY-WORK" of GOD...   I was Listening to  the Hundreds of Thoughts  "DANCING" thru my mind,  sort of like a Scroll,  so I could  "BACK-TRACK" and consider for  "REVIEW" that which had passed  .    AND..with tears in my eyes  as I thought of all those in NEED,,....  Why not create a NEW-KIND  OF COMPANY,,"made-up" OF  all  kinds of skills ! !                                SO MY *MIND  INVISIONED A  COMPANY , that needed  people  with the following  *SKILLS = ( #1)= A person needed with melodies Racing thru his MIND ,so that couldn't help but "NAUTCH"  from office to office....  (#2)=  A person who wakes  "MOOING"  AND  knows how to use "Neats-Foot-Oil" ...    (#3)= A person to screen all Previous "POLITICIANS"  for their "NAVVIES" *skills....  (#4)= A person  with the ability to teach "LAPIDITY"  to others, so we could  "CUT-DOWN" on use of copy machine...   (#5)= A person to be Director of our Company "PLAY" { party}. Titled  "RETURN OF  CONE-HEADS"  and make sure the  "OBCONIC"  attraction is in a "FULL-POWER"  Position....            These first FIVE ,the company is in  "NEED-OF" pronto ! !_  My thoughts  ,were now  directed to the  "NON-STOP" ringing  of the *APPLICANTS SEEKING JOBS PHONES"  __WOW.....  I'd Better HURRY back to the "CLIFF-EDGE" ..     There Must be THOUSANDS    Seeking to Get these jobs! !   "GOSH"--I BETTER COME -UP with some *NEW-DEPARTMENTS    --- ( let me know if *Y O U * have any Ideas for *NEW-KIND of Jobs!    "I CAN GET BY WITH A "LITTLE" HELP FROM MY FRIENDS"   DO YOU?__HAVE  OPENING TIME FOR FRIENDS  ???
copyright @2010  barnoahMike              Mike Ham
barnoahMike Nov 2010
_I'LL NEVER FORGET  "THAT-NIGHT" It was 8;00PM, a Thunder and Lightening  storm had just begun  and what seemed like thousands of BB sized HAIL WERE  PELTING  the roof,  making it Hard to Hear the  Ringing Phone ! !     I Barked OUT a  "HELLO",,,the tearful,   hesitant voice on the OTHER END....CRIED OUT... " Come over  quickly"  She pleaded and  continued with  "IT'S LIKE DEMONS Have CONTROL OF HER ! ! !   ,and SHE KEEPS CRYING OUT ..  AUNT BEA,,, Aunt Bea... Over and over"_  .      This was going to require a SPECIAL-EXORCISM  I Stated... "I'm ON MY WAY" !             Upon my Arrival , I was greeted  by a trembling,sobbing  LaCretia,,claiming,  "HURRY  to the Library Room.,Rochelle is waiting ! !"         The repeating AUNT BEAS   were spoken as if Gargling...   "WHAT are her Symptoms "  I Queried ?    IN A VERY-SLOW  Determined Voice, LaCretia   detailed the following,,,,     "She has the BLUES,  She has the BLAHS,  She has BLEMISHES,   She has BOWEL Constriction,   She has been BLASPHEMING,  She has BUTTOCKS Wrinkles,   She has  BREAST quivers and has been having BELCHING FITS "! ! !     I THREW MYSELF ON THE FLOOR IN PRAYER...Asking for the strength to DEAL-WITH  these DEMONS...** A N D _Here's what CAME-OUT of  ROCHELLE,,,, (#1)=BREEZEWAY-LIPS= when encountering these rascals ,it's highly suggested  that  WE BE UNDER  Proper Cover..    (#2)= BISTRO-BREATH-LEADER= Demons that emit SPECIAL AROMATICS  into the air ,that keep screaming  ,,"IT'S TIME TO EAT"....(#3)=BEHEMOTH -TESTER=  Demon assigned to see how BIG OF A MONSTER  he can turn you in to ....( #4)=BRAZEN-FELLOWS=  Demon who attempts to Get "YOU" TO   **** INTO EVERYBODYS BUSINESS,  and ruin their whole day & night...! ! !      I   THEN SHOUTED OUT  TO *ROCHELLE *    " ARE there any more " B " DEMONS IN there ??"     Rochelle, collapsed to the floor,, I promptly RUBBED-IN  the BROWN SHOE POLISH  into the soles and heels of feet,, FOREVER-BLOCKING *" B " DEMONS ,  the ONLY-ENTRANCE to our BODIES ..__  Rochelle ,with a new found strength, lifted herself from the floor,  Gingerly grasped my hand,  Pulled me "VERY-CLOSE" .    KISSED   me with a FERVOR , THAT I   CAN "TASTE"     TO THIS very-day...     I bid LaCretia and Rochelle "GOOD-NIGHT",,   AND FOUND MYSELF "WHISTLING" and  "THINKING"  as I walked to my Vehicle.... "The Demons are increasing their activity ! !    I MUST  "BE-PREPARED" for the *NEXT-CALL*PERHAPS  FROM  *  Y O U * ??_
copyright 2010      by barnoahMike           Mike Ham
barnoahMike Nov 2010
LONELY  as a Breeze in SPRING,   like THE wind I've been  carried Far,   Wondering what the SUMMER  will bring.   Will it Bring Flowers and Stars?....LONELY  as a Breeze in WINTER,   WILL My Love go like the Winds,   Will She Ask for my Return?   ....LONELY as a breeze in  SUMMER,   blown Away  with a KISS  from the SUN.   GONE are the TEARS from my eyes,     GONE are the pains in my Heart..... LOOKING for a NEW WAY to Start.....LONELY,,,LONELY  as a breeze in FALL,    Where HEAVEN has Touched the  Leaves,   EVEN As It Has TOUCHED my SOUL !     Will a New Season Remove this HEAVY LOAD I carry ?   BECAUSE,,,,,I Now SEE something NEW  !..    A LOVELY,    A LOVELY BREEZE,  for ALL  Seasons.....    Bringing Forth a LOVING VISION   of Great Things to come.    YES,,,,YES,,,I GIVE MYSELF  to this  *LOVELY BREEZE....
copyright @2010  barnoahMike        Mike Ham
barnoahMike Nov 2010
In My Many Travels and dealing with the challenges of MAN'S MIND,  Teaching and Learning with each STEP;  I HAVE THIS "BURNING" DESIRE  ,   For the "W H Y S " of life.   SO,  I ASK OF YOU !!   Have you ENCOUNTERED  ANY OF THE   "FOLLOWING " ?__(#1)=  The Trail we Leave Precedes us,   BUT the Shadow,   do WE Lead or Follow.   (#2)=  "SHUCKS" said the Cowboy as He climbed upon the Steed,  forgetting to put on His SPURS,  NOW what would GOAD  the Ride,  to the SPUR store "OR" would a collection of *SHARP* words "WORK AS WELL" ?   (#3)=  Don't Tell Anyone,  BUT,  I have found a WORLD where the meaning of words are OBLIQUE to the words we use,  Can YOU believe it,  I've seen them !    (#4)  The NICE THING about being OBLIQUE,  when using "HIDDEN-MEANING"  words and Allegories,  the "ENEMY" *CAN'T  Hear the words of  TRUTH  COMING!    (#5)  Do YOU realize that Glistening afternoons "USUALLY"  result in "SHINING" attitudes for the Evenings;  "GO FOR IT !    (#6)= For Those  who are Still Rehearsing their LIFE;  It's time to go Stage-Front,  Turn off House lights,,Bring-up the SPOTS and see what "GOD" has in store for YOU !     (#7)=  I USED  to smell like Canteloupe,  THEN,  I discovered "ESCARGOT",  NOW I Smell like an "OIL-SLICK" ,  What is? The Price of a Barrell today ?      *(#8)= MY Songs are Not Just Words  Written on Paper,  BUT   the Voices from My VERY Heart and the Melody Has JUST Begun !  __"EVEN AS   I held them up to the GREAT-LIGHT   WITH HOPE= "YES"  *TRULY I Understand NOW the  "W H Y "  of "OBSCURE OBSERVATIONS".......
COPYRIGHT @ 2010    barnoahMike             Mike Ham
barnoahMike Nov 2010
Touch Me my Lovin Woman,  Hold Me my Lovin Woman,  Kiss Me my Lovin Woman,   .  Make Life worth  LIVIN,   MAKE DREAMS COME TRUE.   Touch Me my Lovin Woman,   Remember Me at NIGHT ,  When the   Moon is HIDDEN and the Darkness is SO DEEP ! !  As if Lost in a World of Dreams,  I;ve called out for YOUR-TOUCH!   You;ve said things that make Me Cry,  that make me Blue.   I now "CRY-OUT" for your Gentle Touch.    REMEMBERING THAT WHEN WE LAST "K I S S E D " in JOY._I COULD  "TASTE" THE MIXING OF "OUR" TEARS! !   When this Dream is Over,  WAKE ME, ,and tell Me I'm FREE !     Tell Me I'm not Lost,  My dreams of YOU,  WHICH-PART ,  is Really YOU ?   When the Dream is OVER . Awaken me with the  Soft Sweetness of YOUR LIPS >.... and Then,,,I'll know for sure....."AWAKENED BY YOUR TOUCH" ...
copyright @2010  barnoahMike    Mike Ham
barnoahMike Nov 2010
She's about a LOVELY LADY,    Wearin Diamonds , , Wearin Silk..   WHERE'S SHE BEEN ? ?    I Ask Again, ,  WHERE'S SHE BEEN ? ?  Around the WORLD,  Lookin for HER Lover MAN ! !    NOT THAT she has one now !   CAUSE--SHE'S GONNA BE A " ONE-MAN-WOMAN " !   BUT  when she Finds that ONE MAN,   Then,  we can ALL-SAY ,  THAT'S A "ONE-MAN-WOMAN"   A N D,  Shes such a LOVELY LADY.    As she wears Her Diamonds,   as she wears Her Silks.    BUT,    She never stops Her lookin for just that RIGHT MAN.    "W O W " What a PRIZE  awaits Him !   HE JUST * HASN'T  been Found !   She'll know for sure who IT IS ,  ,  The PROMISE was made clear to HER !    JUST keep searchin ROUND the World,   Be that LOVELY LADY,   Wearin those Diamonds and Silk ! !   The CELEBRATION when they MEET,   Will mean to clear ALL things from the Street.    A MIGHTY PARADE of Friends with Flower Petals from  ABOVE,,,   WILL  Adorn     This meeting   of 'TWO SOULS " !   ! !  "BECAUSE"----SHE'S    "ABOUT A LOVELY LADY "
copyright 2010  barnoshMike       Mike Ham
barnoahMike Nov 2010
One Morning I raised my head,  Looked directly into the skies,  and this IS what I SAID ! !   Give Me a  Morning of Joy and Bliss.   Give Me a day of Tenderness.   Give Me a Night of STARS shining.   Gather Around and HEAR what I've got to say ! !  HURRY NOW ! !   Time is FAST Slipping away.   Enjoy this day Filled with GLEE,   Surprise Blessings being Given to YOU and ME !   NOW,  Let's join our hands .   OPEN,  Truly OPEN our eyes so we can really see.   Where these things we ask for,   From WHERE they really come.   AND,   as the STARS of Night began to Enhance the Heavens,   EVEN  the MOON ,    "JUST BRIGHT ENOUGH"_give us these "Realities",  DO we want All this Life of ours to SLIP-AWAY,   Do we enjoy that now it seems  "SOUND-BITES"  and  "VIDEO-CLIPS"  are our creators ! !    AS we watch "REALITY" slipping so Quickly away.    Were the Tears YOU Last shed   Hidden from others View ?    SO_I CRIED OUT TO  G O D  "PRAY TELL , it seems as if the path I Leave Precedes ME ! !     SO_I CRIED OUT TO  G O D ,,  "Give Me This  MORNING TO RAISE MY HEAD".    Let me extend a caring Hand to those who come on my PATH !   To Encourage them to 'RAISE THEIR HEAD"  Giving assurance to others,,  THEY STAND " NOT-ALONE" !
copyright  2010   barnoahMike    Mike Ham
barnoahMike Nov 2010
Hundreds of the 5'x5' Treasure Containers  were all around me.   NOT just in a rambling fashion,  But in a PECULIAR ORDER,  As if someone had meant to lay out a PATTERN and Path.   Each was EMBLAZENED with the Curious Markings and right in the center of the PULSATING Markings that  Identified each container as to what LETTER of the Alphabet was being Displayed !   I was looking for that particular ONE  that contained Millions of FOLDED GOLD  Parchment Papers !  With a Singular "GOLD-LEAF" letter,  Right in the Center.   I heard a slight Humming coming from behind me !  Growing in intensity,,  Calling ME to the Source.   I RAN ! ! There it was !   "ANOTHER...CASE OF THE "D's "..  AND with the SAME WARNING instructions on the latch in small caps;  " OPEN AND SHARE"....    * I DID AND I AM __ (#1 )= DINGY-DRAPES=  Wraps to put around those things in your life that appear to be JUST a Little GRAY, the DRAPES bring SPARKLES ! !   (#2)= DITCH-LIFTERS=  Highly trained folks, able to promptly aid your recovery OUT of and FROM that PIT you may be visiting, they PULL YOU *OUT and cement it over , so you may safely nand Never Return ! !   (#3)= DISMAL-DAMPERS=  Made of Indestructible CARBON STEEL, custom fitted to make a perfect fit over your head,  Guaranteed SOUND-PROOF.  Additional Eye openings included so YOU can watch the EVIL Captain of DISMAY *rush-away ! !  (#4)=DARK-THIRTY=  An Electronic Badge that starts flashing and SHRIEKING,  as a Warning that you are about to go past the POINT OF NO *RETURN,,  if you go to far,,ALL LIGHTS START  "SHUTTING-OFF" ! !   (#5)= DISCOVERY-DINNERS=  A special set of FAKE EYE BROWS,,,comes in Four colors,,when applied ,,YOU WILL SAY AND REPEAT THREE (3) TIMES;;;"I used to smell like Cantelope,  Then I discovered Escargot,  NOW I Smell like an "OIL-SLICK" ,, ? WHAT IS THE PRICE  OF A BARRELL TODAY??   __ "  MEMORIZE THESE,,  AND I'LL SEARCH FOR SOME OF "DEEEZ"__ !~ !
copyright @2010   barnoshMike     Mike Ham
barnoahMike Oct 2010
These are the Things You've GIVEN TO ME ! !   A FLOWER,   A WISH   and  A  DREAM....   They All belong to me YOU Said,   It was ALL you  had  to Give.   BUT to Me ,  it was the WHOLE WORLD  and More.   I,  Now Had the FLOWERS,  THE WISHES and the   DREAMS.    To take with me in My Travels ,  wherever I go.   Then the Bells began to Ring,   The SUN did Rise and the Birds Did Sing,   AND   that was the Gift of the World from You.    NOW,   Pray tell,  What do I do ? ?   What do I have to Give to You?   If I  could, would you,  in turn  take the Mountains and the seas ?   What if I could GIVE  the Sun and Moon ?   STILL..  It's Less  than YOU'VE given me !   That FLOWER,  that WISH  and that DREAM !   There will come A TIME,  One day  I Treasure that which you've given Me,  Things,  Forever to Hold and Cherish by Me,  FLOWERS,  WISHES,  DREAMS,,   WE NOW take them together to that Place,  where WE who have received such things .   AS if from some LOFTY Mountain,  Visible to the World,  WE ,  LET THEM KNOW "It Does Exist".   It's a Place,  It's a Time,  It's being together...For those of us who have received such PRECIOUS GIFTS,  We SING out to you the Blessings of having received ,  THE,,FLOWERS,  WISHES and the DREAMS.
copyright 2010  barnoahMike   Mike Ham
barnoahMike Oct 2010
When we last chatted from this "small village"  CLINGING" to the side of this steep hill,,,I SPOKE OF  Flashing -pulsating  Markings on the side of 5' by 5' containers.   LIKE Pirates  treasure chests ,Years in the searching.   Each WITH A "SINGLE-EMBLAZENED" letter and a  "W A R N I N G "  in SMALL=CAPS  just below, that simply said " OPEN AND SHARE ".      Yes,  it too like the other contained MILLIONS OF FOLDED  parchment squares... EACH..YES EACH,,"ONLY" WITH THE LETTER  " C ".   SO,,,I SHARE....! ! !    (#1)= CLEMENTINE-MAP=  "Detailed directions for those people who    REALLY want to get away from it all!!!    (#2)= CHINCHBUG-PAINTER=  The person with ability to bring out the FULL color of YOU CHEEKS ,as they  REMOVE the TINIEST of your faults and others see ONLY YOUR Beauty.! !    (#3)= CANOPY-CLUSTERER=  The Person who makes a complete shambles of that which you had JUST PUT into order *UNDER the Heading of "Good-Intentions".! !   (#4)=CAUTION-BLURTER=  The Person who is afraid to try anything, If they CAN'T SAY   they have ALREADY DONE=IT.  How DARE YOU  think YOU might do it  or have it  **FIRST! !    (#5)= CRUSH-OINTMENT=  Little Droplets Placed on AREAS  and FEELINGS that are Stepped on by the INTRUSION OF   Others who " WHO WANT YOU * F L A T *.... ***** INSTRUCTIONS ALSO SAY =MEMORIZE EACH,,THEN WE MOVE ON !      "W O W" A WHOLE CASE Of  " C's "
Copyright 2010  barnoahMike     Mike Ham
barnoahMike Oct 2010
In this small coastal Village,,setting out to explore the Many caves.   My heart raced with 'TALES OF TREASURE" !  SO--Off I went.   After a 2 hour Jeep ride,  Flashing Lights from the Sky,  Dropping containers , as if floating to the Ground,   each was about 5' by 5' with an ENBLAZENED MARKING  on the surface.    As I came to the first the Pulsating-Flashing from the MARKING  ,,SIMPLY FORMED THE LETTER  "D".   WOW,  I THOUGHT  " A CASE OF "D's"....T he warning  on the latch,in  SMALL CAPS:   "OPEN AND SHARE"!   I DID AND I AM ! ! !    Millions of pieces of Parchment, folded with a Gold-Leaf "D" on each  ! !   Here's  "WHAT I SHARE"----(# 1)= DASHER-MAN=  "The person who,no doubt with great training,  HAS the Particular ability to "PUT-DOWN" just about Everything that YOU deem to be Fair and Upright.   (# 2)=  DOUSE-SPREADER = A device used to and for the express purpose  of putting out those Little Fires that seem to Crop Up JUST at the wrong time ! !     (# 3)=  DUBIOUS-CLAMPS =  When those thoughts you are having  don't seem QUITE RIGHT,,  THESE  Tools will keep them in check ! !   ( # 4)= DRAB-SHINERS=  Highly trained folks,  with the Special ability to Really bring some BRIGHTNESS to Your day,   When it has been Particular DULL ! !    ( # 5 ) = DRIBBLE-CLOTH=  When a Person keeps on HARPING on the same subject and sees no other solution,   use this  SPECIAL CLOTH to  Wipe the Surface  clean,,,THEN "try-again"   ! !      __N O W_ INSTRUCTIONS SAY ;;;'"  MEMORIZE THESE"    *AND THEN WE"LL GET TO SEE SOME MORE OF "DEEEZ"
Copyright @2010    barnoahMike           Mike Ham
barnoahMike Oct 2010
I Live on the Mountain,  Where the Clouds CARESS the Hillside ! !    And,You live in the Valley,  near the Stream on this side.   Every Morning when the Sun comes up,  I LOOK down at the Shadows in the Valley,   Hoping I'll see YOU My Love ! !    Hoping one day You'll come to my Mountain,   come sit by my side where the Clouds CARESS the Hillside.    Even though I Live on the Mountain and YOU live in the Valley,   WORLDS APART,   yet ever so near !   You've given Me a World,   You've given me a Kingdom.   Now the SUN is setting and I feel the falling Dew.   I Look down from my World,   Seeking to see YOU in the Valley.   But to my dismay, not even a Misty shadow of YOU do I see.  Why is this Tear forming in my eye ?   As I hear gentle rustling of Leaves ,  I turn slowly, sadly__BEHOLD ! ! YOU HAVE COME FROM THE  VALLEY and now stand by my side !    BUT NOW- WE live on the Mountain.  SO as I look at the Valley my dreams and hopes of You have become so ever True.
copyright @2010     by barnoahMike                   Mike Ham
barnoahMike Oct 2010
With a "STARTLED" Jolt at my breakfast table !!   The Headlines SCREAMED out at Me,,,,,   "F A V O R S*  TO BE SHUTTERED "   This was a Bit-Much I thought.   "FAVORS"  was to be closed for good and no one  even had the Gall to call and tell Me !    "ME" the Very FIRST customer and the most steady since  the Major Grand Opening>>  ten years ago"TO THE DAY"  !    To the Day??  GOD,  that sure seems strange,   What are the odds of that happening,  I Pondered?   While Delaying Pondering,  I decided to read the OBITUARY regarding FAVORS.   Hmmmm, , Let's see,  You've  got to be kidding,  they are taking out the tables ,  My Favorite FIRST.   And my Goodness, even the Wine,  wonder if I got the last bottle of that 1953 Fracioussa ??   A taste of such Mellowness and lingering Kindness !   Kindness surely isn't what has caused the  DEMISE of
FAVORS" .   Demise of such a GRAND Place "Was-Not" left to chance,   someone has deliberately caused this Tragic End of Such Magnificance !    A TEAR IS ABOUT TO "WET" the page NOW
,butthe phone rings and my thoughts are brought to it.   It is a Mysterious call,  some strange Voice,  Telling  Me to *HURRY on down to "FAVORS"__"RIGHT-NOW" !!     Now??  "YES-NOW" !!So,  on to FAVORS,  to watch them take out the tables, and yes take out the wine of that favorite place of Mine!!   As I step out of my CRAFT and onto the MONOLINE,  the Hustling,  bustling of the crowds,   reminds me of the longing of that "FAVORITE PLACE OF MINE"
COPYRIGHT @2010  barnoahMike   Mike  Ham
barnoahMike Sep 2010
"May I introduce to YOU! "  Wee Willie Frog of Mine.      JUST because you're Green,  You think you're "SO-FINE" !    Sittin with your nose STUCK-UP in the air,   Jumpin here and Jumpin There!_ .    Just WAITIN for the chance to "SNAP-OUT" your Tongue ,,   Even as we sit here listening to the RIPPITING  Song you've sung !    NO longer do they call you the Polly ***,   OR even the Tadpole swimmin under the Log.    NOW _You're the GREAT BULL FROG  of all time,   Wee Willie Frog of Mine.   Just because you're Green,   YOU think You're So Fine !   From Lilly Pad to Lilly Pad You jump so Neat,   Landing Perfectly on all Four feet.    Looking around for Dinner to come Your WAY,   Croakin OUT your songs all the day  .   Jumpin here and Jumpin there !   Sittin with Your Nose stuck UP in the air  !   ALL can hear YOU in the night,   Bellowing out your Songs with All your might.    Wee Willie Frog of Mine,  Just because You're Green,, You think you"re so fine  !    The LORD  Made You my favorite Pet,   But I haven't seen you Jump in my Pocket YET !   MAYBE,  JUST  Maybe  with some practice  YOU'LL learn ALL the tricks,  even the one with yellow Building Bricks....   " I Really Like It,  That when I Call,   * YOU Call RIGHT-BACK",   Could it be ,   You want to see what's in my sack ?    A  SNACK for You is what I've brought,   *SOME  "Y U M M Y - B U G S * ,   is what I caught. "just for you ! !  Yes you're  GREEN ,   yes You're SO FINE! !                 "WEE WILLIE FROG OF MINE"   "RIBBITT"
copyright @ 2010   barnoahMike     Mike  Ham
barnoahMike Sep 2010
FIREBIRD,,,,Firebird,,,, Winging thru the Air.    Colors of GOLD and FIFTY   more.   Wings are AGLOW with such a Radiant FIRE ,  That create a LIGHT  which  ETCHES the  SKY !    I wonder oh Mighty FIREBIRD,  are you a bird of distress?  OR:  Perhaps ONE who will be bringing to me Pillows of HAPPINESS ?   YOU Shine and Sparkle in the Sky like Diamonds HELD from Heaven !    FIREBIRD,,   Firebird,,  have You come to take me away ?   Put Me in the  OUTER-REACHES of the day ?   What can I say to such a GIFT,,   My Bird,, My Firebird,,  WING,,  WING AWAY ..     Is it "CLOUD-FLYING"  you're bringing  my way?   Will THERE BE *ROOM  for  Special Guests,  I REQUEST ! !    The FIREBIRD whose wings so Stir the Air,  As I wait for the ADVENTURE  to SEE that which has been UNSEEN !~!   HOW could ANYONE Believe that such a HEAVENLY ride Does Exist ?   I discovered YOU,  Just beyond that Rainbow.  AND   instead of answers brought to me,   I Found that ONLY Questions Dominated my MIND!'!   "AND"__An Overwhelming desire to Tell the World,   IF,  but by searching,   YOU CAN BE Found?   OH,,  Beautiful FIREBIRD,  WHERE oh Where do I Begin To TELL??
COPYRIGHT @ 2010 barnoahMike    Mike Ham
Sep 2010 · 2.1k
* "THE GRIMSTER* (#25)
barnoahMike Sep 2010
The  Shadow that was there but a Moment ago,   Seems to have Moved a BIT  and now is Shining Aglow.   Why does the Shadow have such a SHARP,CRISP EDGE??   Is the light Behind it so great?   The Laughter I hear when the Shadow Moves,   I find NO sense of Humor in That Delight!  I was only Searching for the Source of the light,, You KNOW,  Like finding the "***-Of-Gold" at the end of the rainbow.   To my Surprise,,,,,When I did find the source of  such a strange light,    A Visitor by the name of "GRIMSTER"  stepped upon my toes,   Pushed Me from behind,   Laid a Trip-Wire in  MY PATH,   Broke every bulb Lighting The WAY,   Threw hundreds of Slippery marbles right at My Feet,   and all the while Demanding;;;   "I'll stop if ONLY you'll Claim me as Master!"   AS HE Tossed a bail of barbed Wire at my body!!  MY Retort cane from Deeep Within,;  "NEVER*Grimster I Proclaimed"!!   "What you offer is but a Facade,  Reality rests in the PATHS that I've chosen!"    THEN,,"Grimster" Turned UP the power of the Light,   The HEAT of which was beginning to Singe and Burn the Back of MY Neck..   I PICKED-UP a handful of the Marbles,   AND as  HARD AS I COULD THROW ,,,,   I Aimed them at the Center of the Light!!_The Quiet pause overwhelmed me!  THEN,   AS A NEW  kind of Bright Light FILLED my view.   I observed,  There were"NO" Shadows  and a Whispering MUSE of a Voice,  right in my ear,  as in Melodic Words ,,,,"PROCLAIMED TO ME three (3) TIMES!!      "GRIMSTER" has left for  "EASIER-PREY"
COPYRIGHR  @ 2010   barnoahMike   ,,,Mike Ham
Sep 2010 · 1.6k
*" A CRYSTAL LOVE " (#24)
barnoahMike Sep 2010
Today reminds me of a Time,                                                            ­               about a CRYSTAL  LOVE OF MINE !                                                                ­ AH,Happy was HER Smile,                                                           ­                           and it seemed all the while  ,yes all  the while,  That IT would it last forever !      BUT yet I "Knew" ONE day she'd come to me and say,,     Now is "Goodbye"....In our parting  please don't cry! The CRYSTAL LOVE  of mine ,,Brighter than the SUN.   More delicate than the petal of a Rose, and YET how Fragile as everyone Knows ..YES,,,I'll Miss you my CRYSTAL LOVE!!  Did I really do that much HARM?   As Your waving words say Goodbye,,,In My heart a FIRE still Burns,,,     Do you Mind if I Retain a Hope for Your return?   Like an Ancient ,,just sitting and rocking,,Looking far down that path!   Hoping to see your figure Rushing back!   OH,,but could I erase That which you brought to MY LIFE,,  Where  else could I find Another "CRYSTAL LOVE"   ,,,, SO NOW,,,,,,MY Hopes are this,, That a New Precious gem,,, WILL BE SENT MY WAY,,   AS I SEEK OUT A  New CRYSTAL LOVE!!
Copyright @2010    by   barnoahMike        Mike ham
Sep 2010 · 2.2k
*" THE BETTER BAIT"* (#23)
barnoahMike Sep 2010
WHEN  I first discovered the  "BEND IN THE RIVER" * , , ,         I had No Idea what was in store for those who  BELIEVE There's a LOT more to this Flesh and Blood Body than Meets the Eye!!       IT'S a Brand New World, , ,    That I've been instructed to "SHARE" with those who also believe *That the *SPIRIT given to us,,ALLOWS "ADVENTURES"  beyond explanation.  "For Example";     I uncovered a Mystery  that has been kept from man for Centuries!!   "Such As Follows".     Am I a fool to fish with an Unbaited hook??   Even though I did Caste it out "Very Far".   Will the FLASHING of it being Retrieved ever so FAST,  be enough to Attract the Hungriest of Those Looking for a New treat?    What,Oh What could be a "BETTER BAIT" than that which  I reeled in at a "Break-Neck" speed??     Was there No Deliciousness  coming Off that Rapid return?   PERHAPS,,a Tasty Morsel,  a Yummy TidBit be attached to the very Tip..  AND * YES Put below a Cork about 30"ABOVE!!     YES,,Gently,, Persuasively,,  Moving in the Smooth currents of "LIFE"!!!   Is this "BETTER BAIT" always available?  * I BETTER "RUSH" TO FIND OUT!!  "Are YOU with me??"
copyright 2010   by   barnoahMike     Mike Ham
Sep 2010 · 5.9k
*" BEND IN THE RIVER " (#22)
barnoahMike Sep 2010
There's a Bend in the River By MY place!!   My Place is a Corner on the Ever running Stream.   The River flows swift and Quietly, With the thoughts of Many Inside.   Has it brought any Joy to You or Me?   We know the Answer of the River flowing by.   It doesn't have to tell us,  We SEE it by the Rushing of the Times!  The Only place it Slows,  is at the bend,  by My Place,  Giving Answers for all those who want to Know.   There once was a Girl, she had such great ambitions and looked to the Stars instead of the River ,,,  AND THEN HER GLORY WAS NONE!    SO,,,as she Bowed near the Bend in the River,   She found a Place to call Her own!   Where she sits now,  Silt no longer settles,,  a River running Clear,has washed away all the sorrows ....  She ,  and many others now enjoy the "BEND IN THE RIVER " by MY place.
copyright  2010  by barnoahMike     Mike Ham
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