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Jan 2014
you know those tv dinners?
the ones with the
mashaed potatoes
and salisbury steak?
the meat is soaked
that weird brown
liquid they call
'gravy' ( though it really isn't)
and it's all very
fine and sloppy and it feels
like chewing
cardboard that's been
left under the rain.
the corn
is fresh (though it really isn't)
and the potatoes
are... edible
i suppose (though it really isn't).

those tv dinners.
they keep me fed
i guess that's ok.

i'll have one for dinner
every night
because there's no time to cook.
salisbury steak,
the one that comes in the red box,
that's my favorite.

feast produced
(not cooked because
i'm sure they're made
in some sick scientist's lab)
for champions
(because only
true champion
digest this stuff
having one as i typed this in. mmmmmm. wish me luck digesting this stuff.
Chris T
Written by
Chris T
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