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Dec 2013
Oh Rudolph, hath thou'st been picked upon by thy peers,
And hath thou cry'st thyself to sleep upon thy very tears.

For hath thou been bestowed 'tis distinguished nose,
For which thee other reindeers have selectively chose,
To be'st the prime target of thou'st dearest tears arose.

Yet, as swift fame arisen hath false friendship emerged too,
As horrid bullies now be'st bestest friends as thee night'st adieu.
For little Rudolph sees not the emergence of such facade,
A'th thy actions of dearest Santa ha'th granted thy accolade.

Again'st his dearest peers and their jealousy little Rudolph sees not,
For his dearest downfall must these devilish, horrid little beings plot.
Upon 'tis dearest red heart should see'st then 'tis fated knife,
And end'st now upon the hands of thee jealousy, shall his life.
For dearest little Rudolph hath known nothing of what a masks a'worn,
Shall beings do'st yet another despire thee words prior a'sworn,
For false masks of friendship shall plant thy dagger a'heart,
Until thy jealous'd fame and body shall separate apart.
A poem on facades of immediate friendship following immediate fame.
Jay M Wong
Written by
Jay M Wong
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