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Dec 2013
Poem a day, day 23*

I wore my pretty dress to work today.
In the past I thought it was too nice for work
But I wore it yesterday, and really liked it
And that made me think.

Why would I be uncomfortable
Wearing something I like?
Am I really worried about being different
Or 'looking silly'?

I'm not fifteen anymore.
I don't have to dress down just because others do.
I don't have to 'dumb it down'
Because I want to fit in.

It's ok not to laugh at a joke
That's just NOT funny.
I don't have to fake it
Even in a team culture environment.

It's ok to be me,
And it's NOT ok for ANYONE to make me feel otherwise
Not even myself.
I need to be me.
Kitty Prr
Written by
Kitty Prr  Auckland, New Zealand.
(Auckland, New Zealand.)   
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