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Sep 2009
Watching the media, all hyped
Due to their own accord
Pushing us forward
Helping us to goard
Upon the sins we so readily devour
All within this 11th hour

Hearing TV tell us to care
About all these material things
Never telling us quite how
To deal with the emptiness this brings
The greed it creates all but devours
Then jealousy soon flowers

Everyday our fascination grows
Within this world we live
And every day our lives compact
To where we cease to give
To those around us, that become devoured
We stand still, such the coward

Violence, agony, death and despair
Climb up the ranks
Feeding the greed and jealousy
Gee, Thanks!
Yet we are still fascinated, devouring
Their celebrities powering

All these empty thoughts we need to think
Which force our hearts to sink

We need to get back to what is to give
And remember what is like to live

As a community

© September 25, 2009 Deanna Repose
Repoosted from: blog.deannarepose.com
Written by
Deanna Repose Oaks
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