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with its misty
morns --
wakes one day
to the hunter's horn.
Full splendor of the
Autumn leaves,
red and gold
the day receives.
Foxes scramble
upon the hills,
and southbound
songbirds: their
farewell trill.
Bee and beetle:
their work
is done;
flowers fade
beneath the amber  
All hail the
turning season now --
the farmer's put away
   his plow.
Rejoice! The pumpkins
   in the fields --amidst
the scarecrows as they kneel.
Oh, gentle shade
   of lovely tree --
songbirds trill a
Long shadows
punctuate the days--
the beetles work is done.
The last sweet nector
for honey-bee;
we're sheltered now
   upon the lee.
Just wait: the smokey fires
   will burn,
and the leaves will
for sweet Autumn,
   all too soon,
will come.
When you're walking through
a dark,dark wood
there is nothing for you to fear.
Look at the beauty of
     the trees,
and maybe see a deer.

Before you know it
the path will end;
bright sunlight will
   beckon you.
See the shadows disappear --
be full of hope and life
First the sun,
then rustling in the leaves.
Summer comes quietly.
The night draws out --
as if still yearning to linger...
but a star will burst forth
and morning will quickly break.
We linger in dawn-dim rooms,
silently contemplating our fate...
Our lives seem so minute,
so limited compared to the
   ever-lasting cosmos.
We seem staid -- and yet,
our hearts are not that way.
We need merely to step out upon
   the great expanse --
need only take that first step,
and the eternal essence
will receive us.
I am very sad today, 6/14, Addy. I miss my sister...
March 26th my beloved and beautiful sister passed away.
Her son found her in her bedroom in the morning;
the medics couldn't revive her and said her heart had collapsed.
My nephew and I are in a daze, the loss seems unbearable. She was a
very talented poet. Please go to her poems on hp and celebrate her
writing. She is listed under: Kathleen Myra Colby. I will always love
and miss her.
Adelaide Caron Dyson. (04/10/12)
I looked up
from my book
and saw a
crawl into the
heating vent.
It made me think
of the big, black
at the kitchen window
last summer.
It eventually died,
they all do,
except the flies...
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