Time passes all too fast
Things forgotten, left behind
Looking around seeing what's there
The future I'm destined to find
Found me at last

Wandering through the pages
Written long ago
Seeing they still make sense
Through time's ebb and flow
Lasting through the ages?

Hmmmm, it's been a while
Since reading anything here
Wondering if I can keep up
Or if I will be tempted to disappear
Knowing it is all worthwhile

I am going to try again...
Chaos erupts through the screaming
The words jumbled, corrupt, unusable
Meanings lost
Thoughts backwards
YELLING doesn't help

Anger boiling, spilling over
The order all confused
Emotions explode
Feelings incorrect
YELLING doesn't help

I was trying to say one thing
Out came another
You didn't hear me stumbling
Or even try to bother
To see past the screaming anger
Neither of us listening because
YELLING doesn't help

I needed to air my frustrations
Not scream for an hour
Then cry for three
I needed you to hear me
Not fly off the handle
Then see my point an hour later

Next time I'll write it down
YELLING doesn't help
© April 19, 2010 Deanna Repose
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(with permission)
Hello? Are you there?
I can't hear you
Can't see if you care
All I see, from where I stand
Is an empty email box
And an unheld hand
After all that I have done
All that I have given
I am still only one
Hello? Are you there?
Are you ok?
Do you want me to care?
I think I'll leave you alone now
I'm too hurt
Too afraid of this emotion somehow
© February 17, 2010 Deanna Repose
Look behind you - sirens blaring and lights ablaze
Pull over you SOB - stop driving in a daze
There is a person hurt behind all that noise
Stop using your cell phone or playing with toys
Behind you - that is the issue at hand
The ambulance's patient bay is manned!
Sirens announce the patient needing
Someone is hurt, possibly bleeding
Get out of the way, you worthless dick
Get out of the way, super double fast quick!
The sirens are there to warn you to move
The lights are there to see you through
Would you like to be inside
When someone doesn't pull to the side?
I think not you horrid man
Next time stay out of the way of the ambulance van!!!

© Deanna Repose, January 22, 2010
Watching scenery pass me by
Under an ever darkening sky
Wondering as the trees whiz by so fast
Am I  here or just reliving the past?
Am I pounding new pavement under my feet
or am I making my  rut a tad too  deep?
Where was I yesterday?
Am I there today?
Is there a difference? I can't say.
Watching the sunset burn through the trees
I see the scene change in front of me
It is the same road I just passed
But in a different light, surpassed
Seen a new under the sky of night
Changed my mind and my worrisome flight
Even if I tread upon the same path
I walk a new road, always, at last.
I have mixed feelings
About the winter
Cold, bitter, and gloomy
I have mixed memories
About December
Gifts, love, and death
I have mixed thoughts
About my family
Love more, miss horribly, and remember fondly
I have mixed drinks
To forget.....

(c) December 15, 2009
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