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Aug 2010
Once upon a time, there was a little blonde haired boy.
Who wished upon a shooting star, for a brand new toy.
And no, it was not any toy, it was a boomerang he desired.
And so he asked his mother, and here is what transpired.

"Oh mother! Can I have it?Β Β Can I have it pretty please?"
The little boy, begging, dropped right down to his knees.
The mother quietly replied, " But, I just don't have the money."
And then she tried to make him smile, by saying something funny.

The little boy, he understood, as luxuries were always so few.
And he never even said a word, when the neighbor boy got two.
He would just sit outside and watch as the other boy would play,
All the while just dreaming of getting one of his own someday.

And then one windy day in fall, when the all the trees were bare.
The little boy saw a boomerang, on a branch just hanging there.
And after giving some thought to how, he climbed right up that tree.
And claimed himself a boomerang, for which he had waited so patiently.
deanena tierney
Written by
deanena tierney  41/F
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