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Nov 2013
My thoughts take me there.dream vessel of the soul. I stand waiting at a shore never before seen by mankind until now. An invitation is given to me through this song I listen to. The tones form a connection, a sort of dream link to my soul. Let me begin to describe this place. The ocean here glows like our planet in someone else's sky. A glowing blue blaze of wonder. I am even more prevlidged to have come on the day of rise and set. As we have one sun this place has two. There will be a rise and setting of these two suns today. At one point both suns level off in the skyline creating a day of 2 suns. The sun dragons then exchange suns. I then close my eyes as I finish this poem.
thoughts are the vessel of the stars
Written by
Solaces  South Texas
(South Texas)   
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