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Nov 2013
Be my distraction.
Distract me from life.
Distract me from friends
that make me feel excluded from everything.
Distract me from family
who my mother's driven away,  
who i see few times a year.  
who still hold pity for my loss
as if it wasn't theirs too.
Distract me from compliments
that i automatically think are sarcastic
Distract me from insults
that i respond to with smiles and laughs
because i have too much heart
to make a person feel bad,
and too many insecurities
to break down to people.
Distract me from intelligence
because everyone i surround myself with
is either significantly more or less intelligent than i am
Distract me from choices
because i've lost my sense of leadership,
i'd rather someone make a choice for me ,
be it wrong or right,
and deal with any consequence,
than spend half of my life
trying to pick one.
Distract me from future,
because i still dont know what to do with mine.
because i can only see negative, or see nothing.
Distract me from past,
because i live in it. Because i can't deal with the pain,
the memories constantly reminding me of
how good things once were, all of my grief and all of the feelings
that i didn't feel.
Distract me from you,
i'm over-thinking you, you're a good distraction,
but how can one attempt
to open their mind to possibilities
with it set on any one thing?
Distract me from everything.
I'd give up
my "open mind" ambition
to be distracted by you.
To just be with you, walking, talking, laying, doing anything or nothing,
and not think, for once in my life.
Kim Davis
Written by
Kim Davis  Arkansas
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