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J R Nov 2013
Select your tribe
Pick your creation story
It matters little which you choose
For after blood and ashes settle
The victors' god is Truth
J R Nov 2013
Build me a temple made of gold
Worship me like gods of old
Promise the oceans and the sea
That you commit, eternally
Serve my needs above all else
Abandon any shred of self
Seal this covenant with a ring
And I will be your everything
J R Nov 2013
Ink and paper are magic
If left to sit
for ages upon ages
They become unquestionable truth
J R Nov 2013

Every night
I strangle the sun
He crumples before me
But every morning
He rises anew

J R Nov 2013
I'm a sprocket
A moving part
Comrade to the common stapler
Wind me up
Punch my card
Money makes a fine enabler
J R Nov 2013
I admire her in silent reverence,
though she doesn't know my name.
Milky skin and graceful curves
will haunt my every day.
She radiates a boundless wonder;
sets my heart ablaze.
Oceans swell in desperation,
longing her embrace.
And when she's fallen, I'm adrift
by daylight's sullen gloom.
No other woman can eclipse
the beauty of the moon.
J R Nov 2013
Every moment is a miracle
A gift from the Creator
Which I capture on my TiVo

Every person is divine
Crafted in His image
That I worship from afar

Every tree a work of art
With its complex inner workings
Or so the textbooks tell me

I can see one from the window in my room
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