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Nov 2013
Take caution when you peel back
the layers of my skull
and look inside my mind

The human psyche manages to be, perhaps
the most dangerous
and the most breathtaking
place to visit.

It houses every part of a person.

And not all of those parts are ones
we want to see.

There lives the nightmares,
the self hatred,
the pain,
the hollowed out shapes that were once called

It’s too late to turn now
shut the lid and
walk away pretending you saw nothing
until you believe it.
You are held in place
forced to watch as the black swirls
consume that person.

But even worse,
are the light parts.
The pieces of them still
filled with color
and signs of life.
The fire,
the innocence,
the good that refuse to be

Worse are these parts because
they force you to realize,
as you watch them try to survive,
that no matter their will to live,
blackness will always cover up light.

And as soon as you understand this,
a piece of your own mind
fades to black.
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