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Anna Sep 22
heart beats to
the taps of
your keyboards.
Anna Sep 22
turning over it's teeth to
brush the tongue
the beast, scared and revered, tip-
toes down the stair-
case. It breathes the air of the
brine down the Atlantic where
the poet once left small

who can see such a magnificent
              hush my child,
             shh shh shh for the storm comes
star, a crocodile husk hiding
it salmon skin

lover, lover, lover
breathe it in
for the wind will knock you
dead, prior.
Anna Sep 11
stopped crying over
the leaves; their footsteps echoing so far
that i can't hear it

let them go, truly.
Nothing bitter left to commemorate
but now good times makes me smile,

wished them well
for they are good, still;

become ashen and risen
like a golden phoenix
into words

known that they would too,
just a different bird.
i've finally let go.

And it feels so **** good.
Anna Apr 20
if everything we say has been said
if everything we think has been thought
what is the point?
who cares?

the futility of the meaningless in the words
that have no depth

and i want to stop
but i keep searching
a closeted optimist
what are you?
Anna Apr 20
there is nothing romantic about being lost
the danger, the possibility
i could see it, the big sign but i can't get out
it goes round and round in a circle
and i cannot leave
Anna Mar 12
someone wise once told me that just because a story happened to you, it doesn't mean it's a story

and i wonder then if you were just an indifferent non-fiction at the corner of an airplane bookstore,
not not a story
but certainly not
the story
Anna May 2018
this is not a poem
I just turned 20 and i feel lost and still do not have my **** together as I feel like all 20 years old do and should
if you are of age or older
please leave your advice, stories, words below

at this point, anything would help to keep me from freaking out about my impending doom
i appreciate it
and look forward to hearing from you soon

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