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Nov 2013
I have a feeling I won't be sleeping tonight

Sleeping means dreaming
And dreaming means remembering

You never realize how much you miss someone until you remember

Dreams bring memories of all the times we had
And sometimes, dreams even have the audacity to taunt me with the profound idea that I could be actually with you somedayΒ 
They make it seem so real, so easy, so within reach

As if.Β 

Dreams are temporary, they're nothing but lies
Illusions of a better life

Waking from dreams is inevitable
And waking means remembering
That I don't have youΒ 

I need to stop chasing dreams that are so far out of reach
Ahh, stereotypical teenage love poems. Part 2 of 'poems-i-wrote-last-year-but-forgot-to-post-and-just-found.' Oops. I'll probably edit it later so it'll actually make some sort of sense
r l
Written by
r l  Boston
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