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Nov 2013
You were a newbie to a city and caught my eye when you stepped off the trolley.
Had to know **** lady all sailors and suits were falling all over each other to assist.
Call me your stalker, followed you as you stood there gazing like a child at H. Plaza.  
Needing to know my vision wasn't flawed had to pinch myself and Betty you were real.
Watching Ms. Betty Ponder's hips swaying taking that stage was a real treat for eyes.
Felt like the butcher and you walked only for me, no need to haggle you get it for free.
Best and proudest times for me was hearing you make all songs old and new great.
Loved singing along with you belting songs written before your time and tapping feet.
Looking in your gorgeous eyes I still see that special lady with all the qualities I desire.
Nobody can hide or extinguish that bright light that shines in you one whom I love.
I never needed to know where you came from but loved knowing where you were going.
You lovely Pet are a once in a lifetime enigma that most people can't begin to figure out.
Swain Alexander
Written by
Swain Alexander
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