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Nov 2013
Hung like broken promises on a solemn shelf, it was bare enough for anyone to see, how plain her pain was.

How tolerant she was of her hurt, that no one knew it existed.

As it wrecked her senses, and gave her delusional thoughts, all of which a tiny part of her mind knew wasn’t natural.

She strode on, ignoring everything she felt, dismissing them as utter nonsense and tricks of the mind.

She became numb to them.

She stopped questioning them.

The dark stopped frightening her.

Little did she know that it was killing her slowly.

Blocking a feeling only made it’s psychological impact on her worse, and made her condition deteriorate.

She’s withering from within, and her soul is crumbling unbeknownst to her.

The smallish, ignorant part of her mind is trying to comprehend the situation at hand, but it isn’t processing, because she doesn’t want to bother about it.

Thus, her life is fading away from her.

Only when she reaches an epiphany will she realize what’s internally happening to her.

But unfortunately, all is lost.

addy r
Written by
addy r  SC
   Nat Lipstadt
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