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Oct 2013
It that kind of tired,
That sleep can't fix.
Its all the Stressors and the problems,
Making up the mix.
Nightmares playing all the songs,
That I don't want to remember.
Sitting up late at night,
Like its a day in December.
No matter what I try,
They haunt me day and night.
Cause no matter what I do,
It never seems quite right.
Feeling lazy and real sad
Not even sure what's this bad.
Feel depressed and quite down.
Still no smile, just a frown.
What i'm feeling, can't explain
World's closing in of all this pain
Words can't say it, songs can't sing it
Only my mind can believe it .
What i'm feeling i'm not sure,
Though my music is my cure.
Feeling down, don't know why
Play some music, life's a high.
I love my music, that I know.
People watching, but here's no show.
So this poem, might not make sense.
Its just my way to vent.
Written by
Keshia Hayley Africa  Santorini, Greece
(Santorini, Greece)   
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