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Oct 2013
You like me for the me that doesn’t make your coffee strong enough
the me that always seems to make you late
the me that almost burns a batch of cookies
the me that can't park straight to save my life
the me that absolutely hates being tickled
the me that takes some comments a little too sensitively
the me that keeps you up too late and makes you lose sleep
the me that never fully succeeds at using chopsticks
the me that takes a lifetime to decide what to eat
the me that insists you must trim your mustache
the me that needs your shoulder to cry on
the me that worries this “me” is too needy

And somehow you can put your hands right on my deepest insecurities
Exposing my vulnerabilities while covering me gently with love
Because I know I’m safe in your arms and you make me want to believe the sweet words you say.
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