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Oct 2013

By Poor Richard’s Son © September 2013

How certain-there appeared whispered pronouncements which proclaimed the utter emptiness of his lonely state.  Such a place where he dwelled, propped upright by an inherent absence of self-knowledge that fleetingly explained and defined his reality.  A whispering reality, it seemed, that cried out to the god of raw truths regarding bitter human nature and yet, a sublime presence presented by all he would ever encounter.

An unsettling serenity tasted of a sweet and sour paradox of which he was possessed, captured by the strangely beatific attraction that lay deep within all things grotesque.   Astonishingly, flotillas of startling enigma had emerged from within his memories of youth. They came, flowing with the bitter tide of unfulfilled promise.  For always there existed a rather twisted reality. And that was all he really had; a sojourn through the veil of an eternal gratitude which had not served him very well at all.

Thus, he quietly peered thru the windows of his pristine prison-once more reaching without reason for yet another promise unfulfilled.  There, he stoically stood as a monument to reaching after the unreachable, standing there, halfway through this trial by fire-on his way toward a collision course with failure perhaps, vetted to try once more to survive this proving ground of academic acceptance.

His participation was a living testament to the folly which only the fool would ever really know.  Yes, he knew all too well the absolute denial of his ongoing failure to thrive, a failure fueled by the utter blindness that befalls those with the purest of faith.  A faith that one fine day his ship would finally roll into the bay;  success would surely be within his grasp at last .

So passionately he watched the desolate streets outside the college, through the immaculate window like a tiger in the rain, knowing the thunder and lightning he can’t explain…can never contain…could never retain.
Jeffery Massey
Written by
Jeffery Massey  62/M/Chicago
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