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Sep 13
when he said
'ah, that's a shame'
it was in the context that you can't
benefit from the clause that exempt those with two
definately not that's it a shame
not having any
Mark it. many do not have
and are not weeping or craving
Not all can have
same as not all are millionaires or Princes or Princesses
same as some are just plain dumb and some are erudite and smart
same as the discontents would find a snag in the most inoffensive thing or miscontrue issues because they are cerebrally challenged
So please don't throw your baby out
with the bathwater
even if the Witchhunter General needs the barest of evidence
remember all innocent look at any women
most of whom you wouldn't even touch with a barge-pole
is deem that you are ******* her with your eyes
and to have uttered innocently
'I remember you sat opposite me'
means you want to ravish any woman that stands opposite you
Yeah! I never imagined plebs could be so asinine
their subjective deductions borders on the
utterly ridiculous
but they are good at pro-creating though.....haha haha
It can't be easy being them
any wonder
they crave distractions.....
Written by
Yenson  M/London
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