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poetic justice Jan 2014
Last night feeling down, I heard you.
So strange and powerful.
Made me realize there is a God.
Something bigger, something golden.
Instant happiness.
I began to see things in a brighter light.
The next day I began to lose your sound.
I wondered if I would ever hear you again.
And then you surprised me, tears of joy.
Thank you, Thank you Lord.
poetic justice Jan 2014
What is worse than being unhappy?
Even that sounds like a dream.
When everything you do doesnt seem worth it.
Getting yelled at by an idiot.
Im just going to turn into a shell for you.
Nothing here.
I will save all my unhappy memories for you.
I will never try for you again.
Bare minimum until you notice and leave.
Good riddance, ****** indiot.
poetic justice Dec 2013
i am so bored.
everyday is the same.
everyone is the same.
limited feeling
no fun.
reality is boring
i want to paint, i want solitude.
i want something different.
is this really life?
how boring.
i guess i will never be happy or i dont know what happy is anymore.
everything is an act because life is so boring.
dreams are where its at. i wish i lived in my dreams.
poetic justice Nov 2013
Why is it so easy to forget where you came from? You talk **** about it but wish it well in the same **** sentence. Life can be cruel but doesnt mean you have to be cruel. Why is it so hard to understand a persons need to be happy? There are a lot of people trying to make life easier for you and because you think you know something you **** on everything. No respect, no heart. Take away your rules and be human for a little bit.
poetic justice Nov 2013
I can't believe what just happened. What makes people holier than others? Church? Religious songs? If i cuss, if I enjoy ***, if i eat too much im evil? Im going against God? Are you serious? What kind of rules are these? I love God and God loves me that is whats right. Let me enjoy life. Let me experience life. There is so much beauty and different things out there. Why do we have to be so limited?
poetic justice Nov 2013
Fresh new pair of ****** awesome black leggings. You've been working out so you think your *** looks fly. You go out ready to conquer the world. You notice a stain on your thumb. Passed it off, then you get a closer look and see the stain is all over your hands. ****! It fades in the wash.
poetic justice Oct 2013
Im done
Im done
Im done
And annoyed
Have a good day
Im over it.
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