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Aug 26
So you know you're weak
and can never win fairly
so you know you're below standard
and can't complete openly
so you know you're not that intelligent
and can't fully utilise your minds
so you know you seriously lack acumen
and can't cut mustard
so you know you're lowscale and crude
and deftly lack finese
so you know you lack cogent talents
and can't be impressive
so you know you're lily-livered cowards
who can't stand toe-to-toe
so you know you're a small tooled ninety second wonders
lacking prowess stamina romance or hot soul
so you're semi-illiterates riddled with impostors syndromes
always frightened of exposure
so you're a bunch of lying backstabbing hypocritical nonentities
unable to confidently own your minds or yourselves
so you know you're narcissists pyschos haters and tin-hatters
condermed to your underground and hidden cabals
So you find yourselves threatened, overshadowed and outshined
by those not like you
And so you spend days looking for weaknesses
or projecting weaknesses on those not like you
Hahaha....they on't have silver spoons.....just kidding, this is serious Republicanism, eat the rich, the elites, the talented, the anybody that does not do as we say and join our campaign.We are weak but toether we can tell bigger lies and make our dim selves even dimmer. Hahaha...
Written by
Yenson  M/London
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