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Jun 2023
I have tried.
Never being myself
Don't even know who I am
All i know is I love her
And she gonna hate me if she knew what I really struggle with

I have really tried to be the best
Guess am just ****** up
Too weak to fight myself
And the demons that have allied with my enemy

Can't pray
Trying to fight these crazy thoughts
I need God to save me from myself
Coz I ain't know how to say no
When it's what I am used to press forward

My mentality is sick
My spirit withered
Can't control my emotions
Myself controls me instead
My mind goes crazy and I can't help it

Love is what she deserves in the world
A man, not a boy
A boy who's just trying to fight his way through the world
A boy who's just trying to fit in a world older than him
Just like always

I don't know what and how
My life is a blur
My life is a mess
Pretending that am okay
But even Jesus knows am doomed.

I wanna be happy again
Please let me be happy and okay
Great storms fighting within me
There must be a price to have me completely destroyed
And am too weak to fight this on my own
Sorry I  ain't myself
Help me Lord.
Caleb Kyme
Written by
Caleb Kyme  25/M/Kenya
   - - -
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