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Apr 2023
Hi ladies and gentlemen
Let me public backbite this one.
Yes, yes this one, this one!
Do you know him!
My God, one day I video called him!
Yes, two second his phone was off!
Yes, they said he fell and his phone was off!
I asked them why?
They said "he saw your wife and think is Beyonce"
Ladies and gentlemen do not think this one is Jayz.
(Yes, Yes, yes is Jayz woooh Jayz!)
No guys let me tell you guys!
Me, you see me!
I do not know how to backbite!
Yes, I do not know how to backbite!
You see, I am forced to tell you the truth!
My God, My God this people!
My God, My God your people!
The guy, the guy who fell is is ....
No, I say, ya I say the guy who fell
Is m-y my, no the greed guy.
Living next to me, my neighbour!
Yes, he used to stay somewhere somewhere at Magic City...
And cheated with my girlfriend.
And this day he was shocked he is my neighbour.
Let me warn all the people of magi city.
Me, you see me, I am a native doctor!
I say, I say I am a classic doctor!
Him, he is a western doctor!
And, and that guy who witch us
He is a traditional and outdated doctor!
So, this guy he once worked as a western doctor!
Where, at the capital city;
And later he resigned, why because of his calling!
You know where, I am going!
This guy, he was once a prophet!
What happened, he failed to be patient!
You know what he did!
He started killing people, why?
He wanted to be rich; and me yes, I!
I started calling him an outdated doctor!
And her colleagues decided to call him a traditional doctor!
You know where I am going!
I do not know to back bite!
Some people have shrines, from where, from the devil!
Are they real shrines, no!
But what?
just coven's!
Are they called covens, no!
But what?
Churches and so forth!
Lord forgive me, for my sins
Thank you Lord!

Written By: The Senior
Date: Undefined
-The Fallacy
Masterchain Tsabedze
Written by
Masterchain Tsabedze  28/M/Swaziland Mbabane
(28/M/Swaziland Mbabane)   
   Thomas W Case
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