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Mar 2023
I got ticks
From schitzophrenis
The ticks
Are saying the world is out to get me
When I work
I feel people are whipping me on the feet
Telling me to hurry up
And I feel insects are getting in my skin
And having fun biting me
I know they are just schitzophrenic ticks you see
That makes the world sick of me
I have an itchy ***
I have an itchy ***
It could be just worms
Or diabetes or it could plain schizophrenic ticks just bothering me
You see when I feel a poking
Sensation in my grind
I know it is just a schitzophrenic tick
When poke my leg
Poke my leg
Like a light saver from Star Wars
Striking me good
And it has been controlled by schitzophrenic ticks
And hopefully controlled by pregabalin
A nerve drug to settle my ticks
And my nerves
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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