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Mar 2023
Johnny brown is captured in the psych ward

You see with the cannula stuck in Johnny’s arm he started to hear voices from his crazy head and David and raeleen sent him to Ron so he can be able to help him and they weighed him and
Tried to give him medication and Johnny replied, I don’t want any of your fucken medication it is causing really bad side effects and Ron said Johnny, you need this because your mind hasn’t been better since we inserted the cannula into your arm and it made your arm swell up, I understand your frustration and you need to go on abilify to calm yourself down and Johnny said I am not sick well I am but not mentally it is physical and the doctors put the cannula in my arm my arms swell up and you guys are saying that I have a mental problem when it is your own fucken fault and you are going to give me a shot of a psychotic medication which will not cure me instead of a antibiotic to help relieve the swelling
So, Ron if you are a psychiatrist ******* and send me back to the fucken doctors because these aren’t a mental illness it is my fucken arm which you quacks caused by sticking a fucken cannula in my arm
And Ron said there is nothing I can do, the doctors said you need a mental health assessment and Johnny said if you give me psychotic medication I won’t take it
This is your way of saying your not negligent and you fucken are, Ron said ok I will give you a brain scan to see if there is anything there, because if there isn’t anything there, I don’t Know I just don’t like your ***** mouth, Johnny said I was meeting my son at the club for a beer to celebrate getting out and you guys are sticking me in here because of a bit of ***** mouth, Ron asked are you hearing voices and Johnny said my voices are saying get me the **** out of here and send me back to the fucken ward
I am not fucken crazy like I have no idea of killing a woman and putting her head in my fridge and Ron said, let’s talk about that then and Johnny said I am not going to do that, Ron said why say it if you are not mentally ill and I won’t stab a gay man in the chest ******* think I am crazy
You guys should see a psychiatrist for sticking a cannula in my arm and forcing
A bit of swelling
I will soo you ya ****
Ron put Johnny in isolation to calm him down and force fed psychotic medication into him, mind you this put Johnny right to sleep
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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