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Mar 2023
I actually played a rocker of a game of rugby league

You see I was on my way
To play with the raiders
I wasn’t sure how I will play
But I was very unsure
I was listening to YouTube playlist
On my iPhone
The song was bad bad Leroy brown
Making me think of a song I wrote
Called big bad Brian Allan
I ran into the field
To the bad and mean green machine
Fearsome men from the ACT
Don’t try and stop
The men in green
Because we will hit ya hit ha hit ya
Till you see green
The kickoff happened
Brian was tough
At present there was no ball
But a storm was erupting
Then the opposition kicked the ball toward Brian
The lightning hit him forcing him to tackle the opposition player
But after that Brian couldn’t control his actions
Running into the fence
But still Brian was a try saving hero
But the storm was an electrical storm
And the match was postponed
But nobody could stop Brian’s
Try saving tackle
Saying that will give them the 2
Brian was walking around the ground
Trying for people to congratulate him
You MR was there saying why did the raiders win
Brian couldn’t control the lightning
Then the game report was being written
And Brian went to have a look
The coach said Brian don’t look at this
They are very hurtful
Just go home and train
You couldn’t help what happened tonight
You can’t control the storm
So JW and JP took Brian home
Offering if Brian wants to train
But Brian was worried and decided
He wanted to go straight home
So Brian got home at 8-00
And had a nice lesagne
And as he cooked Brian turned on the radio
And then he found out they wanted
Their listeners to know my view of the
Try saving tackle I did
But they didn’t know my number
So they looked for all my namesake
On the internet and went through everyone
But still not me
I cracked open a can of coke
And went to bed
Then they finally got through
And I woke up in the real world
Realising the whole thing was a dream
When I saw 10 shake
Of people ringing their girlfriends
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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