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Feb 2023
The coopers family
The man with hikers feet

Today, 2 days after David and raeleens wedding a man named Johnny brown came in with suspected celluitis all over his legs as well as having lymphoedema
Which meant every week had to be fitted for compression stockings but him being lazy was very unsure about how he was going to do this and David said we must admit you into hospital to monitor your leg and find out what is going on here and John prendth who was the X-ray guy noticed his toe was bad and Johnny said
Yeah it ain’t getting fucken better so they took Johnny down for a chest X-ray and a CT scan to see why his foot is like that
And all through Johnny’s stay at the coopers family hospital the nurses and doctors have been studying his foot to find out what the hell is wrong
David knocked off from work taking the ct scan of the foot home with him to go online to get a better picture to see what is wrong here and when raeleen got home she finally took some bloods from Johnny and brought the results home to discuss them with David and David thought that Johnny needs to be tested for myositis, a disease they call hikers feet and if it was they have to put him on an antibiotics drip for him to carry with him for 6 months but you don’t have to give up on anything that he does in the community and the next day he discussed this with Johnny trying so much not to get his hopes up because this could be a collosal waste of time but it is always good to see if it isn’t and David took a photo of his two big toes and then to get ready to get them tested for myositis and if it is, he can go on plegobatin to get rid the itches he has on the inside of his body as well as the throbbing pain in the feet, John gave him a Panadol every 6 hours to ease the pain
Johnny called plegobatin and Panadol together for him is known as the wonder drug and Johnny, every day thought he was at deaths door and David and raeleen are the first doctors who cared enough to figure out what is wrong rather than put pins in his arm like a pin cushion and pump him full of the wrong antibiotics
But Johnny said everybody said my toes aren’t like any other toes he has seen but they didn’t care enough to actually say myositis and I know that sounds bad but this pain was bad and David said you can go home and I will set you up for a MRI appointment in a few weeks to see if it is myositis but mate, if it can be treated I know the way, David knows exactly how to do it, we will see how Johnny is going and if it is myositis
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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