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Sep 2022
Not much to see, not much to do
In this land of wonders wonderless
Sure, there's things to see and do
Such sights in numbers numberless

To drink the poisons, sniff the rue
And scale the mountains, high and tall
And oh! There is so much to do
But not so much to do at all

To swim the oceans blue and green
To fly among the clouds is grand
To tread a bed of roses red
To lose yourself in distant land

To have a love caress your hair
And sing to you as time slows down
Her gaze is all that you are worth
Her eyes, the sweetest shade of brown

And to be alone, with crippling grief
And have no salve for your despair
So many roads to wander on
So much to see, so little is there

So much, so much, so much, so scarce
The fields, the skies, the joy, the pain
the loves, the cries, the strange affairs
And all the same to do again

So much to feel, you cannot bear
The broken shards of what you were
And through the tempest of despair
The sea of sorrow comes to stir

So much I had, so much to hold
My happiness that could not stay
So many tears I locked inside
So many words I could not say
Nothing has happened. Yet everything has happened.
Vilakshan Gaur
Written by
Vilakshan Gaur  26/M/India
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