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Sep 1
This is the tale of a person
Who always needs someone to blame--
Who's sociopathic by nature.
We will not mention his name.

Every **** thing about him
Is narcissistic and sour.
And yet for millions of people,
He is the man of the hour.

Way back in his early childhood
There MUST have been something constraining.
Did the young child have a nanny
Who offered him poor ***** training?

Constantly seeking attention,
As if to say, "Hey! Look at me,"
He wants to be in the spotlight--
Of course, always for a small fee.

When he moved out of the White House,
Not caring if he crossed the line,
He took with him box after box
Of documents, saying, "They're MINE."

Though classified docs were among them,
That didn't matter to him.
For almost two years he kept them.
Will he pay? Chances are slim.

All of his fans and supporters
Come up with any excuse
To try to protect him, when really
Someone should cook the man's goose.

He'll thumb his nose at the law
And want us to give him a break.
Sociopaths like him
Don't think they can make a mistake.

Currently, he is extorting
The government by making threats
Of violence if he's indicted.
This he does with no regrets.

Well, Mr. Sociopath,
It's time that you pay for your crimes.
And once that happens, let's hope
That we will all see better times.

Yes, Mr. Sociopath,
Look at the damage you've done.
You're good at fooling yourself,
But you cannot fool everyone.
Yes, some might be easily fooled,
But you cannot fool everyone.

-by Bob B (9-1-22)
Bob B
Written by
Bob B
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