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Aug 2022
I am the new story
The story of being and nothingness
A Story where all guards is  let loss
Where glory is only of the Most High
The benefits I abound And the crumbs my satisfaction.
Drunkenness when on display not loss of mind
Mockery  could be the seeming perception
But true brothliness is key to sharing
And pride of friendship brotherly protection.
Value is layed  on appreciations  
appreciations of me and you
Our applications of Self in truth.
Truth of you  and me to honor
Of being and nothingness,
Of mind to guard
of our dusty flesh to guide.
To guard and guide a duty call.
Stupor and sensibility are tenets
Liquor is good but temporarily.
Sensibility is awesome and sensibility wisdom
A guided Spirit not a dampen soul.
My story is of self truth,
Truth of mind  made up
Truthfulness seen not told
A different me A different story
Heard from my preciousness of heart.
Golden and curative are gracious, my friends.
We Hunger and thirst for who we truly are
A never ending self search
As We strive for nakedness.
Written by
Otuogbodor Okeibunor  Abuja, Nigeria
(Abuja, Nigeria)   
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