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Jul 2022
Everybody come on,
Get a gather in,
As we still tackle the sins,
Of every day living,
Avoid Robyn Givens,
Tryna get moneys from
Me to give in,
Dismissed my old religion,
Watch for pigeons,
Peep death walking around
Cuz the next day they'll
Mourn ya,
Then forget about ya,
But back to life,
Daily Struggles and hustle in the same
Born intelligence, my father became,
Moms had them dollars spent,
Couldn't see where the money
Was bent,
Too much dreaming, folks mostly individuals, far from teamin'
Plot the scheming,
Like Kenan,
Ivory Wayans, all across ya brain,
I come with the thunder and rain,
Calm ya soul,
Relax as I take control,
Neo soul,
Only cherish the bold,
And beautiful, despise rap guys,
Who spit pitiful,
Kin to the Howlin' Wolf spiritual,
Tasted a spoonful,
Of my money, now I want nothing
To do with honeys,
Through the pleasures, sticky and sweet
Satisfaction to my meat,
Wait let's keep it clean
For the radio,
Can't banned this jam, played it,
Til I cops ya mental,
Grooves sentimental,
Lauryn Hill giving the thrills, over the
Track you feel,
Rest in peace to the massacred victims,
From past through,
The Future millenniums,
Millennial madness, depression raised
To the highness,
Meditate to Mary sparkling like
A disco,
Ball everyday dejavu back to dance hall,
I remember all,
My grand mothers to pappys, all celebrated
And happy,
Now most people are ******,
Can't get help for ****, only
If you down for the corporate,
Dead man walking with a company,
Watch them put you on a rate,
Slaves ain't went no where,
Taxes famine to warfare, stay focused
On truths and not dare,
As the snare,
Puts you in a mellow mood, I stay positive and away from the crude,
Attitudes, Sun Tzu official,
Still tryna stay from the airhead judicial,

Flashes of pictures,
Throwing up the peace signs,
Nothing but end times,
I'm on god lines,
Twelve disciples followed by me,
With armed rifles,
Spartan tactics, got critics
Doing back flips,
Stick to the script,
Word to the mothership,
I came off of,
It's love all else and nothing
Defense like the glove,
Come push and shove,
I'll die for my brothers, sisters
And others,
Who's down, couldn't wear the crown,
Too heavy it weighs,
Sunk down like maydays,
Back in the days,
I used to wanna be the brother
Who was paid,
Fantasy themes, got me caught
In the lustful things,
Everything ain't what it seems,
Lot of Willie Browns, looking for
Their soul, in the middle of a round,
Now where don't care,
Only at the crossroads if you dare,
Demoness with breast,
Beautiful hair, long stare,
Don't get caught, lookin' at the Medusa glare,
**** turned into stone,
Chills through my bones,
Vibin' off of the tones, voices made of Baritone,
Band played on,
Once I found right, it seems to follow wrong,
Blessed are the children,
Who see scares before, war is
Pitching different strokes, call me
Phil Drummin',
Hummin' my way through this slave
My presence is shown,
Once I get on,
Beats for my vocals to meet,
Put so perfectly,
Enjoy the breeze and the weather,
No bragging hypes,
Just a poet, with the verbal snipe,
Bloodline of King Paiimon
Written by
Bloodline of King Paiimon  26/M/Hell on Earth Since Birth
(26/M/Hell on Earth Since Birth)   
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